Mame4All V1.1 For Dingoo Native Released

great! Thank for you this!
Oh my, that is pretty much one of the best tube monitors I have ever seen... I used to have a 1084 and sold it. I later (1994) got the latest one from commodore, cant remember the number, but as this one, it was absolutely awesome. It was the last time I saw such tech....all subsequent monitors were not able to handle fields neither low res :(
That is the kind of tool that will live forever should you care for it, and by the pic, I´m sure you do. :wub:
I had a 1084, sold, and got a 1942 back in 1994 in the US...It was monstrously expensive.
Commodore closed its doors a few months later and my monitor came with some problems...:(
Nobody would fix it, and people wanted half the monitor price just to open and check it...(it is pain to open, it is all shielded inside for its excellent speakers).
Back in Sao Paulo, about one year later, I had it fixed in a few hours by a very talented company.
Again, Best monitor I ever owned.