Mame Gp2x Load Failure


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Mar 2, 2008
hello everyone,

i'm pretty much a complete newbie and there's a couple of hitches i have experienced with MAME gp2x.
the problem is that when i try to launch certain games from MAME gp2x i often get an error statement that says:

Unable to open ROM
Error reading ROMs
Unable to initialize machine emulation

older arcade games such as 'marble madness' and '1942' seem to work fine, but it's the NeoGeo games (that i love) and other newer arcade titles that fail to start with the previously stated message.

i did convert my ROM sets for MAME 0.34 by following the instructions on, and the games that i'm trying to run are supposed to be supported by the MAME 0.34 romset.
yet my problem still stands... can anyone tell me where am i going wrong?
any help would be deeply appreciated, as i've desperately tried to look for an answer to no avail.

my gp2x is an f-200, running with firmware v 4.0.

thank you,

PS. if this problem has already been discussed in a thread that i've missed, please guide me to the link...
any help for this, anyone?

i got neo games working better through gngeo, but mame stuff still do not work.
what's going wrong? all i want is to play some outrun on the go :(
You might have incomplete files in your ROM sets. Since you converted them, chances are that there would be some missing files. Try checking in ClrMame Pro if there are indeed files missing.

The best solution is to just download a torrent with working sets that is specifically for MAME GP2X.
thank u for the reply,

i haven't really downloaded torrents before... maybe have to try that then.

i did however just try out MAME4ALL and at least there i got outrun running and pang running! although they were extremely slow with any sound on.