Low battery leads to crashing!


Internal Development
Mar 11, 2003
This screwed me up a couple weeks ago, and screwed me up yesterday.. now I know what it is for sure.

I was playing Great Giana Sisters on Frodo the other day, perfectly. Great fun! I kicked it up yesterday and the device woudl reset as soon as it got into the game. I tried a couple mroe times.. device reset at random times in the emu. Tried the alternate versions of Frodo.. no go. Poked around with a file manager.. no state files to purge, so no issues there. Had an inspiration.. tried other apps.. fine. Tried ScummVM (the fast version), reset right away. Tried the slow version of ScummVM, no problem. Oh ho I thought, related to clocking....

Swapped batteries to a new set. Bam, Frodo and ScummVM no problem. Swapped back to old batteries.. resets. Old batteries went another while for slow games, another hour or so, before the device went out of power.

(A shame no battery indicator on the game-mp3-comp screen..)

So, the batteries get a little low, the clocked apps get *screwy*. Normal speed apps are fine.

So if you see some werid stuff going on, swap your batteries :)

Yep, allready well-known fact, so now i've got two set of batteries, one old for normal apps and the another brand new for high apps... tricky, but...
look out for sanyo's new 2100mah batteries, they will have better battery life than the standard 1600 or 1800mah batteries.