Love The Caanoo


Still Fresh
Dec 24, 2011
I have been in the emu scene for years. Built my own Mame from an old jungle king. For console emu I have tried Dell Axim pda (garbage), GBA sp with flash cart, xbox, android tablet, and now the Caanoo. The caanoo is hands down the BEST! The main reason it is superior to even my Asus Transformer tablet is CONTROLS. I have a usb gamepad for the tablet but it's too cumbersome to deal with all of that. The Caanoo fits in a cargo pants pocket and runs thousands of games from most of the consoles and arcade games I remember. I wish there was more of a Dev scene, as I think this device has great potential. I had looked at the Dingo which was weaker specs, and the Pandora which was hard to find and WAY more expensive. Hoping to see an increase in emulator updates since the holiday season probably created more users!
I love the Caanoo too! This is the second one I bought cause I broke my old one.
And the new PSX emulator rocks.
This is the best homebrew handheld imho for emulation right now. Dingoo is a nice cheap alternative and Pandora too expensive as you say.
I agree the caanoo is great, mine has seen better days now, not sure either to get another caanoo or the G18 as it looks even better.