Longest living console?

My favorite is the Craig Rothwell 4000 - It's a bit slow to start and promises a bit more than usual consoles.  It was my favorite until I realized the inner specs.  Another useless machine that promised much more.  Good luck to you, Craig, you sociopath.  Get well.
My uncle's friend also has an IBM System/360 in an outbuilding on his farm. Does that count? He inherited it. From whom I do not know.
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I still have the original gameboy. I don't think I have any more consoles of that age around though.
It's the gray version and sadly the screen is starting to come off now, probably thanks to the hot summers we've been having lately.

Still works though!
If you mean the screen cover, they are widely available in a variety of styles and colors.  You can also print a design if you want something unique.

What I was asking about is lines or other problems with the display.  If it is something you use you can fix it up and customize it.  PM me if you want so we don't keep disrupting this thread.