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Apr 18, 2003
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This thread is for links Popular and Useful Topics found either on this board or other boards with good answers. If you're looking for quick answers without using the search button, this is it! Please reply to this post with the links to the threads if you have suggestions for further additions.

Please, please before you consult any of these topics, read the FAQ on the Gamepark32 (GP32):

Gamepark, Inc. Related Problems

Help, Gamepark's Official Site is down, so I can't register!:

Help, I can't find the USB drivers for GP32!:

Help, I lost Free Launcher or just need to download it without Gamepark's site!:

Problems with Emulators

fGB32 Savestates:

File Installation

Installing .fpk files without PC-Link:

Help, I need to rename a billion files to eight characters (DOS 8.3): Use GP Renamer

Joystick & Button Problems

Unresponsive / Sluggish Joystick Fix:

Unresponsive R button problems

Game Compatibility

Opensnes9x fully playable (with sound) compatibilty list:

Rico's Emulated Game Compatibility Database: - Look here for comments on how well a game works with emulators for GP32, and also reviews of the games.


All You Need To Know About Emulators:
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