Let's post pictures of ourselves.

What sort of conference is that? There seem to be a lot more women there than I would expect from the kind of confereces our more geeky members tend to go to. Not that that's a problem of course, just we tend to self-select topics that don't tend to appeal to many women.

It was an biophysics meeting.

Wherever there is bio there are women.
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I just noticed I don’t have that many pictures of myself
Thank you, @FBnil , for reminding me how little I have changed over the past................. 5 YEARS??
It's not pain. It's nice to know people stay the same. Trustworthy. People you can rely on. Like people like you.
Hey, my eyes are hazel, right? I’m wondering about my ancestry before doing my DNA test. Apparently hazel eyes come from Spain and the Middle East, which would put them outside my family tree. I hope I’m not about to uncover some family secrets.
It’s been a while since I posted a picture of the spot on my back, the one that they determined was harmless. I think it has a third color now, but that could just be scarring from where they did the biopsy.
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