LATEST ART : PHOTOS / GRAPHICS by me : seb doppler aka el joker

I like the atmosphere of "glasses"; and the candles are not straight... which heightens my concentration to analyze the objects. Seeing something that _could_ be rendered but _could_ be real is intriguing to by brain.
I see a picture of a rabbit. Is this a flickr thing?

Edit: Oh, I see there are actually three (or more?) images, and the candles is the second image.

Yes, I think Noob the rabbit is the strongest of the three images, in that it's simple and well framed and well focussed. I think the framing of Cellar is a bit compromised by the ivy and the log across the bottom - they're almost symmetrical, but not quite which gives me pause. With Glasses, I'm not convinced that was the best shot you could have taken in that room, but perhaps didn't have much time and weren't permitted to move things about. A small collection of objects showing reflections might have been more interesting though.
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@FBnil : for "glasses" i just wanted game between light & dark and reflection of light on the glasses ;) it s all. Thank you. peace

@levi : yes i m on flickr for my art. i ve more images / graphics look : , thank you for Noob ! For "cellar" i wanted this photo like this to see nature in front of the door. I ve taken one shot for glasses and i explained up to @FBnil why .

but by the way thank you so much for your comments . good day . peace


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