JXD S7300 And S5600 on the way


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Oct 19, 2010

the look awesome and use modest amlogic mx socs.


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hmm from what i see has L+R 1+2 only thing i was waiting on before i bought one
The 5" one does eh.

The other model I'm not so sure, definitely look like different shoulder buttons on it.

Wonder what the price will be
Is it possible to install linux on these ? the s5600b looks quite good, for a 150 $ price tag I presume ?
I wonder if they have real analog sticks yet or if they are just mapped to the same as the digital pad?
Even the single core model is capable of handling 1080p and N64 emulation... Interesting. And the smaller sized version doesn't skimp any features (according to the specs list, that is)
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Can't be real , computer tech multiplies aprox 2.5 times every year but by the time devs get good at developing for a certain platform it's hardware is obsolete .
I would hazard a guess there using recycled parts, e.g. parts, chips that didn't make it through quality control which have been salvaged at a reduced cost.
I had to get the S7300. 

I need the analogs up high , not down low.  Up high is easier to use and less hand cramping. IMO