Just got an Atari Lynx


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May 15, 2012
So I just got an awesome birthday present.
lynx_and_cc.jpg cc_lynx_first_lev.jpg
Chip's Challenge is one of my favorite games but I'd never played the original version, I've also been wanting to collect handhelds, and this is a nice start.

With this I now have 4 handheld consoles:
I also have a partially completed project of making a custom handheld in a Gameboy case, so 4.1 handhelds :p
nice, at this point I have 2 ds's, a 3ds, 2 psp1000's, a psp go, *a vita i forgot to mention*, gba, gba sp, gbm, and a busted ass game gear... I tradeed my collection away years ago, but I've been talking with the guy about getting it back, which should add a gb, gbc, lynx, and a microvision
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I have a 3DS, Pandora and soon to have Pyra. That's about it.

Used to have a lot more then needed space. Don't regret selling any of them either!
my Lynx was misplaced some years back. i assume it's in my parents' basement somewhere... annoying.

i got it in 1992, i had been wanting it since 1989 (*before it came out, due to pre-release hype in video game magazines). after i finally, at long last, acquired one, i was wondering why the games were so cheap - welllll, it had just been discontinued....
I recall that there was an Easter egg in the Lynx - I don't remember the button sequence, but it drew fractals on the screen.
I have the Atari Lynx to, the adapter is broken though. I always liked the look of the revision model, so might get that one to some day.
For the rest I have a GameBoy, GameBoy pocket, GameBoy Advanced, DS lite, GP32 FLU, GameGear, Game.com, Gizmondo, PSP (and also the 64MB model), PS Vita, NeoGeo Pocket color and a Pandora.

(In start of the game enter MAND)

I've seen the GameGear screen mod, it looks really nice. Especially if you compare it to the original washed out colors LCD. The Lynx one uses a similar screen if I recall.
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Lynx are awesome! Xenophobe on it is unique. I have always wanted to play as the aliens but that requires the comm cable and another lynx and another copy of the cartridge.
No emulators brought that joy yet. :) happy birthday.
I am talking about rj mical and dave needle.
[doublepost=1476376599,1476376537][/doublepost]And the amiga was a collaborative work between many talented people but Mical and Needle played a big part in its design. Needle passed away recently btw.