Just Got A Wiz...few Basic Questions


Dec 27, 2010
Love it and still figuring stuff out for it. Can't get Doom or SNES emulation to run but most everything else seems fine.

1 - Is there a limitation on the resolution of the pictures that can be viewed? I've got some 6 megapixel quality pics that will not even show up on my browser in the unit.

2 - Is there a way to reset the device without having to power it off and on?

3 - Once you disconnect it from the computer, is there a way to re-establish the USB connection without resetting the device?

4 - Are there any generic cases that will fit the device? Will probably visit the local Best Buy and look at some camera cases for it.

5 - My device shows a wifi connection. What exactly is that for? Is there an app that will allow the unit to browse the web?

6 - I really wanted a Dingoo since it had TV-out. Are there cables or anything for the Wiz that will allow it to have a TV-out function?

I think that covers it. Thanks!
1. Probably
2. Thats the whole point of a reset
3. Use Gmenu2X or Win2X instead of the original interface
4. There is an official one I know of, check www.gamersection.ca
5. There is an app for web browsing (though buggy), but you need to buy a Wifi dongle and usb host adaptor because wifi is not built in.
6. Check http://www.dingoo-digital-usa.com/product.sc?productId=33&categoryId=10

However not every application will work with that cable, the SNES emulator works and I think Mplayer (source built one).

It seems a lot of people have problems getting SNES emulation to work recently, I'm thinking it's a bad factory flash in the new units. Try reflashing 1.2.6.
Thanks for the helpful reply!

I didn't know if there was a button or something that can be held down instead of switching the unit on and off.

I did reflash the firmware and it went successfully, but still can't get SNES emulation to work. Can get about everything else to work.
Odd, Good luck with getting SNES working, must be a weird batch or something from Think Geek. I'm thinking it has to do with the hardware, possibly a pin is not connected but for some reason only screws up SNES or something.
Luckily someone recommended GinGE and now SNES emulation works! Hopefully the issue will be resolved but this will do fine in the meantime.