Wiz Tv-Out


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May 19, 2009
Ok, so after my wiz screen started failing I took some time to do a little digging about the Wiz TV-out. Since it's available straight from the chip, it SHOULD have the same performance as just using the wiz screen, right? If anyone could clarify that it would be nice.

Now here are my questions/comments/concerns.

TV-Out cables aren't readily available, though they aren't insanely hard to build either. You basically just need a pair of plyers and a steady hand to rearrange the pins from a GP2X or Wiz USB cable, then a composite video RCA cable to stick on there, then some solder or electrical tape and you're done - I've already made a cable by sacrificing the DATA+ and DATA- cables on my wiz USB cable (Instead of using them for data I use them for the TV-OUT, and then I can still charge the wiz, or use TV out though I don't think I'll try doing both at one time.)

Although not many people might have a TV-Out cable (because they can't/won't build one) Why is TV-Out support so lacking? The small application that is available isn't very good. There are no options to change the size or position of the screen on the TV, there's no way to make TV-Out happen as soon as you turn on the device, etc.

In addition to this, TV-Out doesn't seem to work right with the video player, and most applications I've tried aren't compatible with it.

How hard would it be to add TV-Out compatibility to the existing applications, emulators, and games? And is there a way for software to make it work without having to change the original programs?

I'm not the only one with a screen that's dying, and better TV-Out support could extend the life of the wiz. :[

Edit: In fact, so far only GnGeo has supported the TV-Out

Not supported:
Picodrive (only shows every other frame?)

Also, I was wondering if there was an app for disabling the wiz screen?