Just Got My Caanoo


homebrew player (P. & C.)
Sep 9, 2008
Hi there,

I've just opened my caanoo package. So far it looks like a good device, will replace nicely my pandora while on trip to ED house.

I have a fews Q :

- It's currently plugged on USB to power it, any way to make use of the data port ? (mount sdcard as usbdrive, or even better usbnet) ?
- any first steps ? (newer os version, or anything ?)
- recommandations game wise ?

EDIT : is there an irc chan for caanoo dev/users ?
hey, another caanoo dev ;)

usb net but only works with linux

or use a wifi dongle (some ralink, need to check) and ssh dropbear

new firmware - but only update if you really use one of the newer functions. i never bricked my wiz while updating, but didnt do it on the caanoo, because i didnt want to send it back to GPH if so (the after sales center is in germany, fyi)

can't help you neither with games nor with IRC, cause i just bought the caanoo for paperwars dev'ing and i've never looked for any caanoo related irc.
If you would like to join an IRC channel, there is a list of the gp2x irc channels here:


Currently no #caanoo channel, but if needed I would put one up. I'm a moderator in an IRC channel already, so I know a few things, does anyone want to help...

What do you guys think? There are enough users hovering around the board to make it work, plus it could be very productive for all! ;)
1 day with the device.
So far so good. The build quality is excelent : a real commercial device.
The analogic nub is not bad, but I'll probably get used to it.

it boot/shutdown fast and the menu is nice.
Game shipped with the unit are... not realy satisfying. Well I like patissier but I beat it in an hour or less so :(

Some of the game I pushed on my SD card didnt showed up in the menu.
One bad side : lack of multi-tasking (I would have liked to be allowed to play music while playing on music less games)

I've yet to set up ssh to it and such usefull stuff, but it will come in time.
For now I'm enjoying the device.

Thanks for your answers guys, I knew you would help the next lazy gamer ;)
First day of work today since I have it.

It have lasted as long as I expected it to last (playing mp3s mostly)
I'm definatly happy with thee device :)