Just Downloaded The New Vektar Demo



Well, it rocks. Difficulty is ramped up enough, but not too much for my old reflexes; I got killed on level 4 (of 5 available in the demo) LOVE the moving asterix thingies (surprise²)

I shall be ordering this toot-sweet. I advise you to do the same (Yes, YOU!)
Magnulus posted on Aug 10 2006 at 08:09 AM said:

Oh, you can get it from the same site :)
Boxed. Even including an SD Card :)
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i notice new pics on the site but i see no new demo. the same old demo from a while ago is still there though.

edit: though i still cant find the new version at gp2x.co.uk it is now on the archive.

2nd edit: ok what is at gp2x.co.uk actually is the new demo as well as what is on the archive. one question what is actually different from the old dem? maybe a few tweaks but i was hoping to see new stuff like in the new screenshots.
I just noticed this article on the2bears.com a really good shooter news site http://www.the2bears.com/?p=579

it is about the creator of geometry wars issuing a cease and desist order to the maker of a geometry wars clone for the pc. though vektar actually isn't even a clone in how it plays i wonder if they will try to take action against vektar cause they seem to want to stop anything similar even though their game isn't exactly original to begin with.
No, gridwars was a clone, this is different. Oh, Im searching for the latest gridwars release before the pull, its nowhere lol. Im stuck with my older 4.1 version lol.
I've never joked about anything my entire life. Ever... :unsure:

I'll get that demo later today, and then I'll probably order it. It's pretty cool to think that I can actually own all the commercial releases for the system without breaking the bank. It pleases the completist inside me. ^_^
As for the fullest free version of Vektar, search the GP2X archives under Arcade or Shooters.

- Alex