Release jmtpfs - access the file system of phones, tablets etc. via MTP


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Oct 8, 2008
the mockracy

This PND allows you to access files on e.g. modern Android phones which no longer support mass storage mode, but understand the media transport protocol. jmtpfs is an implementation of libmtp using FUSE.

In order for this to work you need to make sure that your
1. device's screen is unlocked
2. Pandora's USB host mode is enabled

Note: Some file operations will take longer than expected. To change a filename the program must make a local copy of the target, rename it and then copy it back to the device.

As of now there is no error handling for the PND. I will look into it. Expect libmtp to crash now and then. The suggestion is to then reset the device. But I found reconnecting the USB cable is enough for my Android.


Please give it a whirl and report back! Does it also work for iDevices?
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Updated with error handling and zenity feedback to make things more transparent.
New screenshot to reflect changes.

Edit: There's one case I don't know how to catch reliably. When jmtpfs detects and connects to the device, but its' screen is locked, thunar will complain. Upon trying again thunar will only show the empty folder. Gotta think about this.

Does it work for iOS devices?
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Transfer rates were so slow as stoped with screen lock i uninstalled it.

A workaround I now use is a program on my phone to turn it into an ftp server. Turn on phone hotspot, connect to it, turn on ftp app, browse to the location in the Pandora browser and download the content.

It works well