Beta [beta] Revenge of the Titans


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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is a beta slow version of "Revenge of the Titans" launcher.


To play this, you will need the Linux version of the Game.

I based the PND on Humble bundle one, but it should work with Steam one.

You will need to put the "revengeofhtetitans" folder (or content) inside appdata/revengeofthetitans

or, alternatively, put the RevengeOfTheTitans-version-i386.tar.gz file inside appdata/revengeofthetitans and the launcher will automatically extract (then delete to save space) the archive.

The games use Java, so you will need the Java PND setuped.

Also, the game save it's preferences in an oddly named folder, that cannot be created on a Fat32 filesystem, so I use here a fuse-ext2 system (thanks for the tips in the #IRC guys) if I detect a Fat32 SDCard.

Also, you will need a Swapfile I think, even on 512Mb system.

Last but not least, the game works well, but slowly, at around 9fps on a non-overclocked Gigahertz system (and it's CPU bound, overclock to 1.1Ghz and you have 10fps).

That's the main issu, so I renamed the thread from beta to slow... Kind of taste what the Pyra will probably be abble to provide at good speed.


*2015-01-23* - Initial build



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Congratulation for the port.

I didn't played it as my CC is not powerfull enough to run at decent FPS, but i have the game bought from Humble bundle....hope for the Pyra version :)
Multi platform with no effort
I agree, and Minecraft is actualy a good example but I still think it could be even better without Java. And they didn't used Java for Minecraft Mobile for a reason it seems.However, I'm not sure if mobile platforms are good in Java at all. But I don't know the actual java skills of (for example) iOS and Android devices, to be honest. I know Android is based on Java but does it mean it handles Java programs much better?

When you only have a hammer, the whole world looks like nails!
 Indeed.  :D
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Tried it it's a shame it runs so slow, it looks fun. But it's just unplayable atm.

Can you improve it ?
I tried, but most of the CPU time is spent in the Java JIT/Interpreter code. Not much I can do for now. I'll probably try to build IcedTea or something, but I highly doubt it can help in anyway.

Not much I can I'm afraid (and yeah, I was disapointed too, but I guess we'll have to wait for the Pyra for this one).
Tried It.

Its a little bit slow, even on a overclocked 1Ghz-Pandora, but playble.

THX for this nice port. :)
WHYYYYY?!?!?!  :wacko:   :(
It's not like there are no better languages to code such type of game, why on earth they have choosen Java? :ph34r:
Multi platform with no effort
You have two options here, actually:

1. Pure java. No effort, but slow as hell. (seems to be the case here)

2. Java+native libs. Faster, but "multi platform with no effort" is limited to popular platforms, like win32/win64/linux_x86/linux_x64/android. If your platform is not supported, you actually need more effort porting the game than you would with an open-source game engine of your choice.