JACK instead of Pulseaudio?


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Apr 8, 2015
Jack wouldn't work as a main audio system.  ALSA is used regardless of which audio router (jack/pulse) is used.  ALSA by itself is pretty good until you open the wrong program and suddenly it locks the sound device.  So if you want more than one program that uses sound to be running, there will be problems (perhaps music while playing a game).

With Jack I've had similar problems as when using ALSA alone.  Best luck I've had in audio production is to route ALSA to Pulse and Pulse to JACK, which is annoying to say the least.  With JACK, my best bet is to use it only for audio capture and let pulse handle the output.

Pulse audio is the best of a bad situation and probably the best bet for the Pyra.  If I remember correctly, Android uses pulse and I don't remember sound issues for the few years I used that OS.

As far as old pulse goes, yea pulse sucked when it first started gaining traction.  It's pretty solid now unless you start messing with it.

Disclaimer:  I don't like pulseaudio, but I still think it's the best default.


Dec 30, 2009
Then there shouldn't ever be a reason for anything to resample or mix unless the program's requested a sample rate that the hardware or driver doesn't support.
Pulseaudio is actually better in this than Alsa. When there is only one source playing it will try to switch the sample rate of sound card to fit the sound you are playing. When there are multiple sources playing it will resample to whatever was configured.

In lots aspects pulse is saner than alsa, sampling runs in userspace and actually supports the more difficult audio devices and setups, where in alsa you will have fun configuring the .alsarc which undoubtly is powerful, it's just usually too much for regular people.
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Jun 1, 2004
I did try alsa+jackdbus with QjackCtl+pulseaudio, in that exact boot order, and everything works on my Arch Linux box (1 CPU, 3 cores, with 4GB RAM).

When idle, jackdbus and pulseaudio use 1-2% CPU and RAM usage, and 4-5 when streaming with VLC, or any other program i tried.