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Feb 27, 2004
Hello everyone. First post and I dont yet have a gamepark. Just got the go ahead from the wife to get a handheld. I bought the audiovox pocket pc for playing games and doing my job and it has been a great tool. However as well all know pocket pc's are not great for gaming....or the one I have is not. Controls are awkward at best. games that use the stylus are great to play. I have been going out of town alot for my job recently and spending alot of time in the motel rooms and just watchin watever is on HBO.

My delima is which unit I want to get. You guys obviously know all the pros and cons of a GBA SP vs FLU unit. Let me explain first off I love RPG's. They are the funnest to play on a handheld because you dont have the regrets you do on an xbox or ps2 because with a handhed you usually are using it because of boredom...IE motel room....bus...train ...flight etc. I have regrets now like "I spend 63hours on FFX2 and should have been working on the car!" or spending time with my wife...or hanging out with friends or going to church etc.

Enough rambling....very sorry...just excited. Here is how Im comparing the two.

Gamepark 32 $219
*Front lit. 4 times more powerful than GBA SP. More memory etc.
*Bigger screen
*More colors and higher rez
*Uses regular camera style memory chips not cartridges Has emulators for every system.
*Snes emu is not that good.
*Cant emulate GBA...but maybe soon.
*Plays divx and mp3s and sounds good. (divx is not really an option for me unless you can attach a usb cdrom drive to it!) TwentyFour and enterprise Divx eps on this unit would be awesome but dont want to compress each eps to 128meg)
*More like a pc than a handheld. So it can do more in the long run (multifunctional).

Gameboy Advance SP 75-99$
*Cartridge linker 128meg $150 (we know what this does and I want it for playing emus and hoebrews ;))
*More common unit than gamepark
*A lot more native games than gamepark Snes emulator is not good but there is one! I cant believe that.
*Not much emulators other than snes and nintendo.

So basically $220-$250 for either unit. Whcih is more than I paid for my xbox or ps2!! Almost what I paid for my pocket pc (2 years ago $325).

My goal is to have a fun handheld I can play at the motel rooms. I like emulators and old school games and the gamepark seems to be a plus since I can play all the old game systems I like:
Gameboy and color
Commodore 64

My reservations are:

However Im having a hard time deciding which unit. Are gameboy advance games REALLY awesome? Because if I get a gamepark I wont be able to play them. Someone will emulate the gba on the gamepark eventually (year..maybe two)then this decision would be a no brainer.....but till then Im not sure if I'd rather play older games on the go or newer ones. You know me I like good rPG's on the handheld. SNES and nintendo had a bunch so Im leaning towards the gamepark unless you know of some killer ones for GBA.

I hope you can understand the reason Im wishy washy is because I already own a ps2 and xbox and play those regularly. I also have a laptop and pocket pc I take with me out of town. So adding another game system to the mix, Im afraid that I wont use it or find it inadequate comparing it to my other choices. Dont get me wrong...emus on the laptop are alot of fun but not convenient. Emus on the pocket pc are great but hard to control. I dont want to get one unit over the other then regret and not use.

This seems like a really neat scene. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I consider this heads and tails over the gba scene and the gba linker scene.

I posted a message similar to this is a GBA forum. I know the answers I get will be partial but dont want to rely on GBA SP peeps to tell me "gamepark sux" just because they have never heard of it.
Talk to you later!
The snes emulation really isnt that bad, *espeically* for things like rpgs. If you feel like going back and replaying snes, nes and a variety of other system rpgs on one compact system at full rez then id say the gp32 is what u should go 4.

If however, u want good graphics and new rpgs then id go for a gba, u can get re-released snes games on it as well. but you wont have the convenience of having it all in one package. also you wont have the option for divx films, mp3s or a haul of other stuff the gp32 can do.

You might also want to consider a ps1 + portable screen, it has some absolutely cracking rpgs and sounds like it could b good for in a motel or sumthing, not really bus or something tho.

Well, thats just what i think. But if it were my choice id go 4 the gp32, for sheer convenience and value for money (as you would b paying hundreds of pounds for the same amount of games on the gba that i have on my gp32 :))
I like RPG's aswell, and I have to admit that - owning both systems - I'm far from satisfied :p


- only "decent" (however, I didn't like them THAT much) rpg I have ever played is Golden Sun (and the second)... they're fun, but not great
- been playing Final Fantasy Tactics advance for AGES, that is the best handheld game I've ever played in my life... however, that's not a pure RPG :p

other RPG's I've played (BOF, ...) are either crap or will be emulatable on GP32


I haven't played ANY rpg's on this system, but it's so much closer to having them: once SNES emulation is up to point, you'll be enjoying all those - and frankly: SNES RPG's = ownage XD

as for now, I'm a bit disappointed :p but I have patience :)

I do have to say I've gotten a GP32 and I'm very happy with it, but I'm saving up for a flash card for GBA so I can enjoy all those games aswell :) but if you have to choose, I'd choose for the GP32, because it has loads and loads of RPG potential (just pray they'll hurry up with the snes thingy ;))

hope that helps :)
if your in a hotel then im guessing that youve been working and thus you may have your laptop with you.

get a joy pad and play all the emus on the laptop including the GBA emu.

you can also play dvd/divx
There's a certain exclusivity about playing old SNES RPGs on the GP32. I'm currently going through Secret of Mana 2 that was translated on the Internet (never released in the west) and I've found it a joy to play. Also some of the newer GBA titles try to replicate the magic of the SNES, but kind of fail - this is probably for a number of reasons:

1. I'm getting old. I like playing the games from my youth.
2. Rehashing a successful concept usually fails to deliver a quality result, e.g. its never as good the second or third time round.

3. The GBA has had it commercially speaking. Once the games dry up, then thats it you have to sell it. The GP32 does need commercial viability to a certain extent, but is not the overriding factor as with the GBA - this is because there are more games from more consoles and machines already available to satisfy anyone for some considerable years.

The GBA is better in other departments like Metroid, or the GC link up. But the screen is smaller and the linker things don't hold as many games as an SMC. I think we've all made a similar decision. I'm glad I chose GP32.
I do fancy some of the RPG's/tactical games on the GBA,
But there are plenty of RPG's that can be played on the GP, here's some that iv'e played/am playing:

breath of fire 1 & 2

Chrono trigger (one of the best snes RPG's ever, saves fine is fast, a few transparency problem's though).

Fire emblem4 (just came out on the GBA, a bit like a fantasy advance wars)

Super famicom wars (ealier version of advance wars)

Warlocked (warcraft2 clone on the gameboy)

Ultima 7 (SNES, all the earlier ones are available on one system or another)

Monkey island 1+2, day of the tentacle, indiana jones etc (all available on the lucas arts parser+ sierra games as well)

dungeon master+chaos strikes back (AtariST 1st person dungeon crawl, very atmospheric)

Front mission (snes mecha RPG mecha sim- great graphics, brilliant game, played it all the way through on the GP)

And once Megadrive(genesis) has saves, there will be a load more as well, and this is without including some real old retro classics: the hobbit and lords of midnight on the speccy, and bards tale and the AD&D adventures on the C64

And there are loads more I have not even touched yet- as you can see I have enough to be getting on with! :)
I only play RPGs on my Gp32 and I've had my hands full. Some of the RPGs for the SNES work more or less perfectly, this includes Lufia 2, Live-a-live, Neugier etc. Right now I am playing Neugier at one frameskip and sound at the highest quality, it's a blast :)
Well.... I also love RPGs, really those are my favourite kind of game. I also like my GBA, but I have to admit that I can not think of many RPGs running exclusively on it. Golden Sun (which is very good by the way), and... um.. that's about it. Maybe even Pokemon. Yes, I am nearly 20 and I still think it not that bad of a game, thank you very much. In the near future games like Baldur's Gate,m Shining Soul 2 and Fire Emblem will be released. But.... I am not sure what to think of those. Sword of Mana however looks very promising, but that reminds more of an action-adventure. I, carrying about 16 years of video gaming experience, liked the SNES RPGs best. Now I can play those on the GP32 AND on the GBA, in case of the GBA even some remade ones.

But let's face it: Remakes never even reach the standard of those games you cherished in your childhood.

If you asked me, which you did in a way, I would say: go for the GP32. The GBA would be a good choice if you did not want the flash linker - as soon as you get this one, you can also take the GP32 for the same price, which offers a lot more opportunities. I for one have all Megaman games for every Nintendo system on my SMC, and also Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Terranigma, Ogre Battle (great game!) and several other RPGS, including the whole Final Fantasy - series. My SMC is not nearly full and all run at a playable speed. At the same time I have some South Park encoded on my SMC and a load of books to read - eventhough, I admit it, reading a book from an LCD-screen sucks.

Well, depends on yourself, really. If the price is the same, I would advise you to buy a GP32, just for the increase in options what to do with it.
Everyone has good points. Unfortunately expecially MOZ. I think Im probably going to pass on the GP32 since his post hit the nail on the head. I tried to deny it but he is right.

All of you who mentioned great RPG titles...I appreciate it but neglected to tell you I have been in the emulation scene since 92 and know all about all the good snes rpg titles and all the good pc emus.

But I guess it comes down to just setting up my laptop. My laptop is not really portable in my opinion because of it being so big but thats the only disadvantage. I guess having to lug around a controller in my laptop bag would be a disadvantage but thats all I can think of. My pocket pc and laptop last about 2 hours without having to be recharged which I think is absolutly rediculous.....but I have been reading that the gp32 with flu does not last much longer which is a major disappointment for me. I was hoping for at least 8 hours of gaming with the unit. Nothing worse than going to use laptop/pocketpc/gp32 and it being dead or close to it every time you need it. Been there all too often.

Guess I've been talked out of it....
i use 2100 mah ni-mh batteries and they last at least 4 hours with flu Using amus on 133+ so i dont know who told you 2 hrs...
If you pass on the GP32 you'll always wonder what you missed.

Current Poll see the general talk board "What would you do?"

if your GP32 died/got lost would you buy another?
yes [ 49 ] [77.78%]
no [ 5 ] [7.94%]
other [ 3 ] [4.76%]
get a zodiac instead [ 4 ] [6.35%]
get a Ngage instead [ 0 ] [0.00%]
get a GBA instead [ 2 ] [3.17%]
Total Votes: 63

I think the figures speak for themselves. As for the laptop I'm an IT manager and they come with the job but nothing beats picking up the GP32 wherever you are and 10 seconds later you can be playing you favorite retro classic whether that's a frantic PC engine blaster or an immersive RPG or Lucas Arts Classic. You only need to see the look on a GBA owners face when they see Monkey Island, Doom, Castaway and passable Snes emulation (with an update due soon) to realise you made the right choice getting a GP32.
moz posted on Feb 27 2004 at 10:30 AM said:
if your in a hotel then im guessing that youve been working and thus you may have your laptop with you.

get a joy pad and play all the emus on the laptop including the GBA emu.

you can also play dvd/divx
Moz has the best point. but you should also concider serveral other factors as well.

Do you want to play new games or relive the old days, Playing Chrono trigger, a hand full of FF games and a couple of others is great but if you've played them and want to play others now (like the Golden Sun games are fully realized big time RPGs and not to mention Final Fantasy tactics advance and the Metroid adventure games), is so you might want to pass. While A lot of games play really well it can be at the expense of sound and they way some emulated music gets mutilated can be heart breaking.

Are you intersted in possibly foolling around with coding and maybe making your own game content? The GP32 is great for that by most peoples reconning. If you just want something to past the time play a few old favorites and maybe a video you stored up that's the best selling point. It's just such a force of compactness, dozens and dozens of games, .mp3s(or .ogg if you get the player), and a couple of movies you can toss in a back pack with out lugging a whole laptop or PC and play in areas not suited for a laptop.

But if you're just sitting in a hotel room, bring a laptop and plug it into the wall. Laptop batteries were for train, plane or bus travel, and they even have outlets now anyway! Plus the emulators are far closer to perfect.

So basically think of the GP as a smaller alternative to a LT unless you feel you can deal with carrying one with you. But if you want to play a forty hour RPG while hanging upside down off th edge of a hotel room bed...get a GBA.

One thing I'll say though, if you get a pair of 2000mAh(or more) rechargeables they;ll last you a good 5-8 hours depending how you use them. Short play periods seem to work best for me over a longer period of time than a single 4 hour play fest.
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