KOF 91 FAQ and HElp

The Moose

Nov 11, 2003
Well, im getting my Gamepark today, and im just wondering if there is a setting up guide for the KOF 91 for the Gamepark version. For directories, setting up, character limits and what not. Thanks Guys.
Sup? You are now officially the dumbest person alive. If you bothered to take the time, there is one on the site (org. site) and a readme (and a FAQ) file on the .zip file. Wow... ur lazy.

Not tryin to be a jerk (well i am), but damn man put some effort into it.

Sup? You can download the .zip which has it in there. How the hell is that harsh. That is why ppl think the English population is (?) dumb.


ALSO THE SITE (OFFICAL) SITE has a FAQ.... WOW once again. A little effort goes along way.