Need help getting snes emulator to run


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Dec 22, 2003

I recently got a used Gamepark 32. Already installed on the SMC that came with it,
is the GP Free Launcher ,the Doom 2 game, and emulators for PC Engine, NES, and Gameboy...all which have roms in the directories, and all work reasonably well.

I set up the PC link program and got the unit connected via USB pretty easy, but I'm having trouble getting the snes emulator (snes9xgp) I downloaded to work properly. It's on the card, but it dos'ent show up amongst the items in the GP launcher.

I tried both Gamepark SNES emulators that are on this website, but neither one would work. If somone could tell me were I should put the snes program to make it run correctly, that would be great.

Also the read me file that came with the snes emulator tells me to put the roms (.smc or .srm files) in the GPMM folder, which I did. My question is should I just place them in there or make a folder inside the GPMM directory for the snes roms specifically?

My final question (I'm sorry)...I wanted to put some diffrent NES roms onto the card. I put them into the directory the other nes (.nes) files were that were already on the card, but the roms I added do not show up amongst the list. They are on the card, but the program dose'nt read them. The program that came on the card for emulating NES is somthing called Little John.

How can I get the NES emulator to recognize these new roms?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

first i'd like to say that OS9xGP is by far the best snes emu and it is available at the 15 days home page and the link to that is on the home page of this site. and to install this emu you just put the OS9xGP.fxe in GPMM then create a SNES folder in GPMM for ur roms.

and for ur second question you have to find something in the GPMM directory called (i think) ljgp32.ini or some three letter extension like that. I know it is not fxe though. and you must delete this, this will update ur list of added roms.
for the .nes roms--

whn you use little john, it creates a database of roms and then refers to that everytime you run the program. so if you stick new roms in the directory, it's not gonna "see" them until you tell it to refresh the romlist. i think you do this by hitting select and then "analyze cached roms" or something like that. not veyr hard to figure out, mess around with it a bit.
am i in a minority to say that "OS9xGP " isnt the best snes emulator on the gp32? IMHO it has the potential to become the best but it isnt there yet
well id say it has most of what all the other SNES emus have plus what they are missing. but if there are any other people who would like to bitch about random things to raise thier post count consider this my answer. :D
i wish there was a way to LOWER my post count!!

seriously, I agree - it's very impressive, but I don't think openSnes is the best yet. I still get a more satisfying experience with Zardoz' emu when I play certain games (less choppy + faster playing). overclocking 156 MHz in both cases, and sound off of course.
though hopefully this won't be the case for long.
well there is still no doubt that OS9xGP is the most well-rounded. id rather have openSnes with good everything than another emu with really good speed but no save or anything else.
Osnes is a great emu, but no 1s talking about the great neo-geo pocket emu. Once it has save-states it will GREAT :D
Hi again,

thanks evreyone for the help. I sucessfully installed the x9snes emulator, and it appears in the gp launcher. I created a folder called SNES in the GPMM folder, and placed a few roms (.smc) in it. The program boots up, and it says somthing about scanning directory...and the contents of the GPMM folder is displayed. I can move down to the SNES folder I created, but when I try to access it, the Gamepark crashes, saying somthing about exception: translation, and its followed by sevral screens of code. I'm guessing I'm missing somthing. I'm sure you guys can point me in the right direction. :)

Also in regards to the nes roms, the menu that comes up when I press select was the ticket. I picked the option reffering to some kind of syncronization with the browser, and the roms I put in the folder came up in the list.
seems your gpmm/snes folder got corrupted somehow. try booting up your gp32 without the usb cable plugged in, going into pclink mode, and pressing select to check the smc for errors. if it doesn't work after this, you could try deleting and copying the files over again. good luck.
When you try to access it? Wait, so when you load up the emu, it displays all of the contents of the directory, right? So, it crashes when you run the roms? Make sure that you are choosing the .smc files.
It actually crashes when i select the folder I created names SNES.

I tried deleting, and recreating the folder, but still no luck. The roms I put into the SNES folder are all genuine .smc as I'm kind of confused.

any other ideas?
Selecting the folder? I think you made a mistake. You shouldn't have to select any folder at all when you launch snes9xgp. Where did you place your roms? When you launch snes9xgp, what does it say at the top (reading xxx directory)? Your roms should be in GP:\SNES or GP:\GPMM, depending on which version of the emu you downloaded. I recommend just going to GP32World and downloading one of their snes9xgps, as the roms for those emulators go in the GP:\SNES directory.
I just figured it out. Your right, the folder was'nt nessecary. I dumped the roms right into the gpmm folder and they worked fine.

I know this is a silly question, but is there anyway to make the games run smoother/faster? I tried playing Secret of Mana 3 on the Gamepark and it was kind of difficult.

If theres not anyway to enhance the performance, what number of frames do you guys suggest I skip to run games optimaly?

Reagradless, it's an awesome emulator, and I think it's the damn coolest thing in the world playing SNES on a portable. I never thought I'd see the day.

thanks again evreyone, for all your help,

If i don't post back prior,
Have a great holiday
I recommend playing on FS 3-4. The only thing you can do is disable sound in the menu. But I highly recommend that you try OpenSNES9x now, as it is a lot faster than snes9xgp.