Is The Sony Playstation Portable Dying?

In you opinion, is it dead?

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I voted no as well.

The psp is not dead and honestly not even anywhere close to dying. Sony is turning profit on hardware that's the bottom line. What my be dying is the UMD format, but what is profiting from it's falling ironically enough is the once dying MS pro duo. The PSN network is a taste of what will be built in with the psp2. However they still got one more iteration to go before we hear anything, unless they go the casual route and make them both coincide with each other. DSi anyone?
I voted "No". Even though I don't own or have any interest in owning a PSP, but it seems that the PSP is still going, just not as strong as it was in the beginning. Although the DS sells more than the PSP, it still was the closest that anyone has ever been to beating Nintendo in the hand held industry, in my opinion.
I don't think the PSP scene is dying, there are a few great games coming out next year

LittleBigPlanet for PSP
Resistance: Retribution
Final Fantasy Agito VIII
The 3rd Birthsday AKA Parasite Eve 3

This year we had

God of War: Chains of Olympus
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Star Wars Force Unleashed
Secret Agent Clank


The PSP and DS are slowly but constantly dieing (and have been for a while). They will be brought back a little bit with each release.
It's official people!!

SONY PlayStation Portable (1000, 2000, & 3000) is officially dead.

R.I.P. SONY PSP 2004.12.12 ~ 2009.2.2

You will be missed... :(

No links provided. Apologies.
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He might just be saying that due to the increased security introduced in the 2003 and 3000 models making them (so far) unhackable, even with a pandora battery. In my opinion, as long a device can have homebrew in some form or another run on it, then it can never die. ;)
Dead for years. It should get the award for 'most disappointing handheld ever'. I can literally count the number of worthwhile games for it on one hand. The thing is crap plain and simple. I bought one on release day & was very excited about it for years, but the lack of any good titles just killed it.

My psp is currently up on ebay (along with orig. box, 8 games, 10 movies, 4 mem stix, a pandora's battery & acessories) & I'm taking a huge hit on it so I can get just enough money to replace my laptop that just died. If anyone wants it it's already running the latest custom firmware & since I love all of you so very much I'll even throw in your choice of psp/ps1/emu games on a disc.

Sorry, don't mean to be a spammer or anything, I just really need to move it to replace my laptop fast =/
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I sold my GP2X around 8 months ago and recently dug up my PSP.

Took a while learning about all the CFW updates but now I am delighted with it.

As an emulator device, the battery life is a huge bonus over GP2X. I also prefer the fullscreen (incorrect ratio) in most emu's.

I never understood the criticism that the PSP was simply converting PS2 games and not pushing originality - i think a PS2 in your pocket is amazing! Also, albeit a small number, there are some quality PSP only games too.

Unfortunately I think PSP missed a lot of target customers due to the massive DS marketing campaign (I also own a DS and honestly believe a much smaller percentage of its games are worth playing)

Anyway ... about to pass out!!!!!! I hope PSP is not dead - best current handheld for new & old games imo
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Plus, Sony just announced a fuckton of games for it.

Dead? This is only the beginning...