Is bluetooth 2.1 supported?


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Jan 22, 2011
When i receive my 1ghz pandora, i want to buy a wireless bluetooth headset for it.

I saw a nice one, but its bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, however the pandora specs mention it supports bluetooth 2.0 + ERD.

Will the 2.1 + ERD headset work with the pandora?
I believe all bluetooth devices are backwards compatible, the headset/pandora will use the lowest version for compatibility mode.

If the Headset is using 2.1 and the pandora 2.0 then it will be a 2.0 bluetooth connection.
although I believe we do not have the bluetooth functionality working correctly for audio, unless it's been fixed and I haven't seen it on the forums. Didn't we need bluez or something?
Cool, tnx for the replys guys.

Is the bluetooth audio issue a hardware or software related issue?
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Software related.

.next (the next big upcoming OS) should include BlueZ, which would be a start here.

No one so far was really interested in Bluetooth, so nobody really cared about :)