Sound Output When Connected To Bluetooth


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Sep 27, 2003
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Is there any way to have it automatically switch the sound output to a Bluetooth headset when its connected to the Pandora and switch back to the speakers when its not connected?
if they implement pulseaudio, then yes... not sure if that is going to happen though... chances are, there is some alsa magic that can be done here as well, but I wouldn't know where to begin with that... I'm a pulseaudio man, personally. :) Hope someone chimes in with a decent answer on that... it would be nice to have that functionality, as I would DEFINITELY be one to use bluetooth audio on my Pandora...
I hope to buy bluetooth compatible speakers for my pandora if it will work with them?I could move the speakers anywhere in the room then,that would be cool.
Hmm... I can't get my BT headset to work... it connects alright but no sound.
Not from Audacious anyway... Did I miss some setting somewhere? It doesn't switch automagically like my phone, but can it be done manual somewhere?
I'm very interested in this getting user friendly as I want both speakers and headphones on a BT basis.

This may help if you've not seen it already
hate to resurrect this, but wanted to know if this was relevent...
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hate to resurrect this, but wanted to know if this was relevent...

No. The main issue currently is that we're not yet using Bluez, as this supports BT headsets, etc. This is planned for the next big OS release though.
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playing around with installing bluez and various related parts (not sure how bluetooth even WORKS on this thing without bluez, but that's neither here nor there at the moment) and when installing bluez4 and bluez-audio (which are both in the repos as far as the web-based "Feed Browser" for Angstrom goes) I get the following "errors":

update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/bluetooth; file does not exist

opkg_install cmd: Cannot install package bluez-audio

...just wondering if anyone else has successfully installed or updated these two packages in particular since everything else I installed/upgraded went through without a hitch.