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Sep 17, 2008
TheDarkSpectrum48K said:
ngchol said:
Stop using the word "demand" when people are asking for information. As I mention above, I was involved with another Linux-based community project which was properly handled in terms of communications. It takes no time at all and keeps everybody happy.
That is the EXACT point, most people are happy with the way things are ... just a few people who want more, who want hourly updates, when these guys are working till all hours in the night just trying to hold things together ... If I hurt your precious feelings, I'm reaaaaally sorry

You - hurt my feelings? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Most people are too scared to post their concerns on the board because the thought police - guys like you - pounce on them, accusing them of making unreasonable demands and generally twisting their words. #

In words of very few syllables so that you understand - most people would agree that it would be nice to have more regular updates about the manufacturing, assembly, testing and shipping processes, with the odd photo here and there.
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