I Will Offer 60$ Us Including Shipping Cost For Gp32 Blu


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Apr 19, 2008
CANADA, Montreal
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i change my offer. i will offer 60$ to 70$ US including shipping cost for GP32 BLU ( im from canada,montreal h2g2t4)
i pay with paypal, BUT I WANT A BLU NOT A BLU+ ( for more than 70$ contact me anyway we will discuss)

i even prefer, if only the console is include. i have a card reader, some usb cable and some smartmedia card and a lot of nihm batteries. but i suppose i expect a gp32 blu in great condition or a few accessories with it for 70$.

renejr902@hotmail.com or/and PM me.

note: i dont need a like new one condition. if the plastic screen has scratch, i will probably take it anyway, because i always remove my gp32 NLU and FLU plastic screen before playing, for better viewing condition. Anyway i have a glass screen to put on it. just send me picture. Comestic condition is not too important to me, but at least be acceptable. BUT I WANT A BLU NOT A BLU+ ( the real glass screen need to be without scratchs, but i dont think someone has scratch on it :)

note2: If youre interested to sell me yours, i will appreciate if possible, a picture of it in complete dark with the backlight on, a picture of the Gamepark loading screen or main menu will be great or any games. ( like sonic on picodrive)