I Will Accept A Gp32 Blu+ Who Want To Sell It


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Apr 19, 2008
CANADA, Montreal
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I offer 60$ us including shipping cost to canada,montreal h2g2t4. BUT DONT HESITATE TO MAKE OFFER EVEN IF ITS HIGHER THAN 60$ US WE WILL DISCUSS

Shipping cost From US to canada is very low with first class mail
For UK or others, i want a airmail, but i dont need insurance or tracking.

I can accept a very used unit or defect one for less. Even if the plastic screen is scratched. But i dont want the lcd glass screen scratched or cracked. ( the glass screen(lcd) is below the plastic screen)

DONT HESITATE TO MAKE OFFER. if you want more we will discuss. if you have smc, games or accesories with it. BUT I PREFER to buy only the console because i have my own smc, games and accessoiries. i already have a nlu and a flu.

I prefer a gp32 Blu but i will accept a Blu+ Because all emulators i played work with the blu+

I wait your offer. thanks for offers.

pm me or email me: renejr902@hotmail.com
i bought one for 70$ including shipping cost to canada,montreal

Its a blu+ in like new condition with the plastic cover on the screen.
come with a 128 smc and wireless adaptor.

thanks all. But dont make me others offer.
just wondering why you would have perfered a Blu over a BLu+?

while the Blu+ did have compatablity problems early on in its life (as i found out annoyingly being one of the first with one) everything you will want to want to play on a gp32 works with Blu+ consoles these days and its screen is MUCH better than that of the standard Blu.