I Hate The F-200 D Pad !


Internal Development
Mar 4, 2004
Retro Gamer said:
Check this out -
Nice and simple mod. It gives the unit a much needed center pivot.

My mod is much more complicated and still isn't perfect. It is loose in the case and seems a bit stiff, not ready for prime time. If yours works well maybe some kits could be sold like that for easy installation.

benny32 said:
Dont really see how the 200 kicks the 100 in the balls. Better battery life would have made the new system a must. Too Bad :eek:
The F200 doesn't really "kick the 100 in the balls" but it does give it a nice slap in the face. The screen is nicer as far as color and contrast than a MK1 and has better gamma than a MK2. It also sounds better and has a touchscreen. While the touchscreen is not too useful yet it could be if it gets some homebrew support and keyboard/mouse support in computer emus. Plus they seem to overclock higher than the average MK2.
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Aug 14, 2005
Esn said:
Rivroner said:
The pad is a PSP one.

It´s a pad and sticks set for PSP, cheap and easy :)
So... where can you buy it and how cheap is it?

Search ebay for PSP D-pad. They come in black or white color. Cost should $5 w/ $5 shipping. All sellers same price.
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Nov 19, 2005
looks like it's one of these http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-8-STICKS-JOYSTICK-...1QQcmdZViewItem

now I'm really tempted to buy an F200.

This fix solves all the control issues I've had with the 2x. It's one piece, has a centre pivot, and seems to be no dead zones. Although, I read that you have to press down pretty far into the case even. Hopefully an input is registered with a light touch, and that the button is just giving way into the case.

This dpad test seems to calm most of my worries.