I Hate Gaming Media.


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Nov 14, 2005
Worcester, MA
I've been at my other home for a while now, my parents have a satelite dish, and there's nothing interesting for me to watch other than billiards *snore* and G4. I was watching G4 and how they play up the Xbox360 like there's something utterly new about it... "The graphics, oh, the graphics!" They were acting like something utterly new and innovative came out and the people responsible were gods. On X-Play (Possibly the wost show ever conceived) they didn't give an Xbox360 game less than 3 out of 5. Even the dumb games like, I don't know, the game where you have submachine guns mounted on your car? Yeah right. They even gave Quake4 a really high rating, when I read it was uninspired, and Game Informer gave it a low rating. I think even X-Play must've given it a lower rating too when it was just on PC. Nothing changed about the game (Except having to use the sticks instead of a more acurate aiming system with the mouse...)

They also don't talk about anything I care about. I subscribed to Game Informer back in the day because I bought a PSP and the subscription cost me like 6 usd, so I thought, 'Why not?' But they talk about what's new, and recently they had a "Top 50 games of 2005" and somewhere among the deserving titles are games like X-Men legends and Heroes of the Pacific. [What the hell was innovative in either of those titles? The gaming industry seems to think that every third-person action adventure title is good enough, and we're swallowing it all whole.] Out of that whole section, only three (THREE!!!) PC games were mentioned, and FEAR was on the last page. One of their "Best moments in Gaming" was Microsoft announcing that thier Xbox will have an interchangeable faceplate... WTF! This is utterly rediculous CRAP. And to top it off, they have a tiny [TINY!] "Retro section" wherein they make fun of the games they rated highly 5-8 years ago, and say, 'Look at how far we've gone?' Please... PLEASE show me something innovative for current- and next-gen systems. Please.

What also bugs me is how they treat Next-Gen shit like it hasn't happened before. PC has had that ability, and in fact, BEYOND that ability for quite some time and has recieved NO recognition, even to the point where TV commercials don't even push the PC ports of their games (You know, the little thing at the end that has the Xbox, PS2, GC etc logos?). One example is GUN. I could've sworn that game never came out for PC, and my friend proved me wrong. I showed him the commercial, and he says "That's because noone cares about PC." Damn straight they don't. Consoles are always being pushed by the gaming media, as if they don't want to let out the secret that you can play most games on a machine you already have, you have to go out and buy a new gaming system that runs at 140 FPS, even though your brain can't tell if it's 140 or 90.

Plus, there's nothing, NOTHING about the GP2X. I don't expect there to be, but I want news, paper news (not printed out from these boards :)) about the unit. I want to hear what editors feel about it (interestingly enough). But I'm of two minds here, one is that I kind of would like to see a bit of hype in mainstream media, so we get more people interested. The second part of me is kind of asking what kind of people would that attract? Sony trying to sue over PSX being emulated? PSP fanboys talking shit on a regular basis? Nah. But this type of extreme revolution in open-source media needs to be mentioned. I see it as giving the finger, politically speaking, to major media companies, like Sony and Mocrosoft. But if it gets no media attention, how will it make it's political stand? That might not mean anything to some of you, but I think the GP2X needs to show the big boys that they can be beat by some 3-person project in korea and a hardcore community of developers.

It's time to subscribe to Retro Gamer.

Rayek posted on Dec 23 2005 at 04:23 AM said:
Even the dumb games like, I don't know, the game where you have submachine guns mounted on your car? Yeah right.

I don't know, Full Auto if thats the game your talking about, looks like it may have some gameplay different then ive seen as of recent, dealing with how well it looks to handle collisions and distruction. I was actually quite interesting in how that played when it was finnished.

I also hate gaming media at the moment, but i tend to prefer to give most games i've never played (that arn't clones) a chance, perferably in multiplayer situations hehe :p.
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Don't you want rounder circles in your games? :p

Btw Does anyone know wheher Retro gamer is being sold in the same places as it used to?
G4 is crap. I feel like killing the hosts/producers every time I see it. The show with the two guys reviewing games is probably the best, but still not very good.

I subscribe to EGM and I think that it's a pretty good magazine. I've never been into computer gaming because I have a crappy computer. I agree about the media overhyping the xbox360. What a pitiful system. It's got a good shooter and a mediocre adventure game. And the rest of the games seem to be selling on graphics alone.

My friend waited in line for 13 hours to get one and once he did, his was defective!! I told him that you can't trust microsoft to put out good products, but he just tells me that nintendo and sega suck because they aren't on the top of the market and that sony also sucks and that microsoft is the way of the future. What a future we will have.
Goity posted on Dec 23 2005 at 11:46 AM said:
Don't you want rounder circles in your games? :p

Of course the bastards push consoles first. That's where the big money is, at least for now. In my eyes consoles are nothing but stripped-down yester-year computers, advertised as the top-notch of graphical performance that computer science has achieved. In the past, consoles used to be about fun and gameplay, these days they're about mediocre ideas at best drowned with useless specs and features that are shoved down the throats of the uninformed. All major gaming (and not only) magazines and web sites are deeply sponsored by Sony, MS, Nintendo, you name it - how could they possibly speak their hearts out?
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Don't forget that consoles are also about the companies losing money and me making servers out of them :p.
A lot of gaming sites are reported that Yu Suzuki has canceled Shenmue III, according to a recent interview. Not true at all. He knows that people want it, but he wants to wait.

Yeah.....I hate the gaming media.
I'm of two minds with the Xbox360 as well, though. I hate the next-gen stuff because they push it like it's never been done before, but it might yeild PC ports that actually get close to maximizing PC graphics... Now, if only they made a game I was interested in... Hmmm.
The GP2X got some press,

Other Thread

and this is exactly, EXACTLY why I don't want corporate-fed publicity about the GP2X. The article doesn't even have it's facts right and fails to mention the best thing that the GP2X has going for it: DrMDx.

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This is why homebrew communities are seperate from mainstream commercial communities.

If the gamers and the fanboys don't like the GP2x because they don't know what C++ is, then oh well, it just keeps the stupid morons out. :)

If you like super souped up triple pixel pushing pipeline 3x GPU rendering processing power complete with 10.4 surround sound, 4 analog joysticks and 20 pushbuttons bluetooth wireless with the button that can turn the system on and off so you don't have to get off the couch and games that suck the big one, then go ahead and stick with your next generation consoles and your GTA remakes and realistic racing games with the OMG MITSUBISHI SCION GENESIS EQUINOX ECLIPSE CAR REALISM and the fighting games that are way overdone and already done to death alongside the numerous football soccer and basketball games featuring lifelike 3d polygonal wireframes with texture meshes and bumpmapping to look exactly like your favorite sports superstars.

We, on the otherhand, will stick to our philosophy of "if you want it done right you have to do it yourself" and make our own games. :)

Games in general seem to just suck now, in comparison to what it used to be like. Old games couldn't push all of that graphics stuff out, so the developers HAD to focus on gameplay. You just don't see that anymore, because everyone wants OMFG GRAPHICS IF I SHOOT HIM IN THE BUTT (LOL I SAID BUTT) BLOOD SHOOTS EVERYWHERE!!11

Thank god we have the GP32 and the GP2x, huh? :D
The most exciting gaming news this year for me was that I could play Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 on a handheld.

So screw Xbox360!