I Cant Get Fgb32 To Work

they didnt work.

when i try the 155mhz or 166mhz, the loading screen appear, but after the loading is done, the screen is blank and nothing appear.

any idea ?

Some applications are more delicate regarding overclocking than others. Perhaps what you really need is a 133MHz binary, not a 156 or 166.
But my Drmd work perfeclty at 166 mhz, 160 mhz , 156 mhz, i can play for Hours

i think something is wrong with the files because i cant even got the menu or the screen emu title. it stuck just after the gp32 try to loading the file. the screen is blank, ( blank like im turn off my gp32
I would be appreciate if someone want to test the Ryleh files and tell me if they work.

see the url:


Thank you for your help
Yes, I can confirm that this does not work.


Does not work on my GP32 FLU and BLU that clock to 166Mhz no problem using Slubman firmware.

I start it up and just get a white screen.
I can also confirm that 156mhz and 166mhz of fgb.fxe does not work, And am also getting a white screen, Tried it on my GP32 Blu with PacRom that clocks to 200mhz.