I Am Back From My Trip!


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Jan 31, 2006
Hey lads! I am back... I have been travelling now for almost 6 months but I decided to return to shitty Germany with crappy weather instead of staying in the mediteranean where the sun shines and the girls are pretty.
After lots of adventures and crazy shit going on, I have to admit that it was still worth it. Not having done a whole year first seemed like kind of a loss, but then again, I have met many people who were travelling aswell and now I have an invitation to travel to nepal via the trans-siberian railway with two polish chaps and also to go to south america together with a guy from brighton. and I will consider it...

First I need to sort out my uni-application though. Then I can make plans. My GP2X was a great companion while being on the road. Me an my friend have spent hours when nothing was there to do, playing tetris or bomberman96 and I have passed zelda: OOS.

So yeah, good to be back, good to be able to load stuff onto my SD card without begging for a cardreader in some shit-hole of an internet-cafe (like in marrocco, god that place was dodgy).

Oh, an I will make sure that I will post some travelling pictures using photobucket or something later on.
Welcome back man I hope you enjoy uni. I'm habing a gapyear too but I plan it to just me a year of getting high all the time and chilling out.
Good to hear you are back.
I was at a few dodgey internet cafes while I was in Thailand.
I'd love to see some of your pictures, since I don't get to travel so much anymore.
I left the UK in June 2005, and I'm still on my trip. Since then I've been to the US, Hawaii, Fiji, Australia and NZ. I actually landed a cool job here in NZ - so I guess I'll be here for a while (working as a consultant for HP :lol: ). Sorry for the thread hijack, but I've found its always good to travel :)