How Long Should I Wait For A New Gp2x?


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Dec 29, 2006
So my GP2X was stolen from my locker a couple of months ago at school. It was too bad since I only had it for about half a year and loved the community, the constantly developing homebrew/emulators, ect. Last week I bought a downgraded PSP from my friend and tried out some of the emulators, mainly SNES and Genesis. First of all, it was a freakin' nightmare tracking down the emulators. The screen, button layout, and the community altogether made me miss my GP2X and I've decided I want a new one. I've always been a lurker in these forums, even after I lost my GP2X, so this question is mainly directed to Craigix. Should I wait until the GP2X MK3/GP3X/whatever comes out or just get the MK2 now? No rush, but the sooner I get to play Shining Force on the go, the better ;)

Thanks in advance,
Well for all we know the screen on the new one may be the same type like the PSP. Since we don't know much about it maybe get a used Gp2X or something.
I was considering buying a GP2X for the 3rd time recently, but after reading some of Craigix's posts I think it'd be best to just wait until the end of the year to see if anything worthwhile develops with this "new" GP2X coming out.

By the way, how was the PSP's SNES emulator?
The same amount of time as everything else :)

How long do you wait for a new model of a PC to come out before buying the latest one?

A new gp2x is unlikely to come out this year, but a device by someone else may do. No know ones apart from the company that may be doing it. I'd say it's unlikely though, so buy a 2x now.
I'd wait a year before buying any new hand held. wait tell hardware and software bugs are worked out. so your looking at like two year wait for any thing new. So just get a GP2x, it's freaking the sweetist.
I should say, but it right now you can.
Enjoy it...

you want to spend your money? Why waste time on not buying it?
if you buy you can play with it, if not you only can dream :D