Should I Wait?

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SDHC can be done with the current GP2X. It's just not in the firmware, so a hack must be done. :ph34r:
I don't think so, I maybe wrong but It's more then just copying the "Data addressing over Data Sectoring" technique they use but has alot to do with the new type of hardware you would need to use the cards, Thats why you can't use SDHC cards with regular card readers. If someone can reverse engineer the SDHC card slot in the SDHC card reader they can further see if there is any more differences in the hardware. But Yeah if it was soley software then it would definitley be possible, however I don't think that's the case this time 'round.
You can quite literally design any program if you hard-wire the hardware. This is basically the same concept of how encoder/decoder chips work, and is why they're many times faster than software. Card readers get their speed from this concept. Hence, they can't support things that they aren't designed for, unless your card reader has firmware, which I doubt.
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My only comment - You could spend your whole life waiting for the 'next big thing'...
If you like what you see on these boards, then get a 2x :)

Well, I looked at the craiginator, and assuming it's not vapourware, I WILL be having one of those.
I therefor decided to pick up an F100 on Ebay for 70 quid. If the craiginator never appears I'll maybe upgrade to the 200 once I'm sure the gp2x is my kinda gadget (yeah, like I'm at all likely to dislike a pocket penguin).

What I really want it for is MAME and the other emu's, the odd video, and strangely enough, reading ebooks in a "book like" way, I believe it auto scrolls too....bliss.

I want to thank you all for filling me in and helping out.

I will doubtless be back, as a dribbling mewling newbie, asking really stupid questions.

The "Craiginator" from what I have been reading will mostly be 3D oriented. It seems to be designed mostly with PSX games in mind. We don't know much about the controls, only that it will have a powerful SoC. We know It will have analog stick(s) which don't work very well at all for MAME or other digital controlled systems. It might have some sort of d-pad as well which will be needed for all of the 2D systems, but that part is still not known. We don't know if the Craiginator will have controls that work well for vertical play for the MAME stuff that you mentioned either. From what they have been saying it may not be designed with that in mind. While it may have these things and the controls be perfectly fine for 2D stuff too we just won't know until the final design is revealed.

The Gp2X works well for 2D stuff and can be played in portrait mode for MAME (use volume for fire buttons) but has a weaker CPU. If you can afford it just get a GP2X now and a "Craiginator" when it comes out.
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