How Good Of A Gamer Are You?



Some can beat whatever games that are thrown at them in a day, while others can't beat Super Mario 3 (me). How good of a gamer are yourself? Do you prefer hard/challenging games, or easy/relaxing games? One of reasons why I play RPGs is that as long as I level up, I can beat the game, whereas there are action games that I can't beat in a million years.
Same, one of the reasons I enjoy rpg's is because you can always beat it by leveling up a lot, without getting bored of it with a nice story envolving in it. :p

Though I enjoy hard and difficult games too. After playing a level 20 times, you get better at it -> better reflexes and you remember the enemy tactics. :)
I'm also a fan of the platformer. I rarely beat games because I get frustrated, and the few I do seem to be RPGs... So I guess I'm like codeninja in that respect, except i'm like an RPG snob... I'll only play the Forgotten Realms games.

I'm starting to change my platformer-to-RPG beat ratio though, as Prince of Persia, Warrior Within is calling me... There's something about that game...
I don't get much time for games anymore, too much work. However, if a game is really good, i'll doggedly play it everytime i get a spare moment, like gregory horror show. I was on the last couple of levels of killzone, but stopped playing, as it was repetative and the game didn't do anything to keep me playing.

Anyway, back to how good I am. I would say I'm an Ok gamer. I love multiplayers most of all. My cousin and I have played 007 Nitefire mutliplayer since i got my gamecube, and Halo since he got his Xbox. it's kinda become a tradition, and we each try to beat each other at the others game. As a result, we're pretty damn unbeatable at both games.
dunno how good a gamer i am. Finished my last 2 games in two days tho.
Matrix path of neo

Sheeeeeet at rpg's, mazzin' at any fps, peeeerty good at games lik at games like sonic and mario.
it depends, i consider myself a pro. I can pick up anything without reading any directions and figure out how to play it and play it well within minutes. Of course i've been playing games for 23 years now and i'm 26.

But as for finishing games, thats a different story. Give me a platform game from the NES era and i can usually finish it pretty quickly, like SM1 i can beat in like 15 mins, SM2 and SM3 i can beat in around 45mins. Mega mans i finish within an hour or two as with castlevania games, except part 2, that took the code to beat :p But newer games, i usually don't finish at all because they take to long and i get bored with them.
According to one of the online ranking systems I was ranked at 434 in the world at Quake I once, a long time ago. But considering I was a modem player and back then the best players had ISDN I didn't do too bad ;)

I also reached the final of the Wireplay Quake III singleplayer FFA one year and again I was on modem. I came 15th out of 16 in the final tho lol.

I've been beaten by some of the best Quake 3 players in the world :D

These days I'm too old to be decent at any FPS so I'm probably no more than above average.
I suck really really bad. I'm worst at those 2D figher games like KOF, or even the 3D ones come to think of it. I download cheat sheets on a regular basic not that it helps much. The only game I have ever been good at is (z)angband, and thats only becuae I think I have the patience not to avoid the silly deaths. MAME etc have been saviours for me in that not only do I have a cheat, it caters to my short attention span.
completed the original three sonics, though only with all the emeralds on sonic one

in my time i've also completed:

Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Lylat Wars
Pokemon Blue
Tony Hawks 1,2,4 and UG
Luigi's Mansion

Though in a fair few of those games i merely completed them to the lowest level (gold medals on all planers normal difficulty in lylats wars, beat the elite four in pokemon etc) and never had the patience to take them further.

I was awesome at lylat wars (nigh on unbeatable) and me and my mate were two of the best goldeneye multiplayer talents in the area (the mate going on to win a PS1 thanks to his skills)

I don't game anymore though.

My laptop has only my PSP warez on it games wise and this will be sold soon so then i'll have nothing.

My heyday was the N64 era. It was back then that i played both alone and with my mates very regularly. At the same time i was playing pokemon and tony hawks.

THUG and Luigi's mansion are the only game since i;ve put any effort into since. Luigi's mansion as for me it was the pinnacle of graphic gaming, its like one huge FMV sequence and has nintendo's signature brilliance in concept.

THUG i became hooked to over summer a couple of years back. It couples the brilliance of open gaming with a structured set of objectives (i couldn't handle THUG2 as it removed the option of selecting and starting a mission from the menu, hate having to skate all over cities for find objectives).

Wowsers, this is one hella long post.

In summary, i now suck at games.
i've completed to many games to list or even remember, but i don't believe that the amount of games you complete makes you a good or expert gamer, but the skill of how you play the game, the speed of completetion, and the ability to win multiplayer games makes you the good gamer.
i've completed to many games to list or even remember, but i don't believe that the amount of games you complete makes you a good or expert gamer, but the skill of how you play the game, the speed of completetion, and the ability to win multiplayer games makes you the good gamer.
Yes, alot of the time the ammount of games you have completed is just due to how much time you have put into gaming.
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A good question. I tend to stick to easy games with little stress or thought. RPGs allow powerlevelling, party games, easier puzzles games, and mindless sidescrollers come to mind. Strategy games are the complete opposite - too much to think about. Don't enjoy them.

There are a couple of exceptions. I generally play FPS games on harder difficulties because it makes the game (e.g. Call of Duty 2) last longer but still remain enjoyable. But I'm not afraid to turn the difficulty down if something's making me frustrated. Then there's Stepmania, which I play on insanely hard difficulties because I happen to be good at the game. Not sure why I got addicted to that, though. It has a pretty steep learning curve.

A friend of mine, on the other hand, completed Super Monkey Ball 2 (which is stupidly hard towards the end) and regularly enjoys completing games on the hardest difficulties even if it takes a long time and makes him extremely angry. He might fight a boss dozens of times until he kills it. Personally, I see no appeal there. The frustration outweights any enjoyment you get from beating the game on a hard setting.
I like to mix it up a bit. I recently beat God of War, which took me a week or so with school, so it wasnt too long. As of now Im playing animal crossing and Call of Duty 2 (moving on to multi-player after midterms). I think that sums up what kind of gamer I am :p

As for being a 'good' gamer per se, I think im decent. I have no probs beating super mario 3 :p and I dont take forever to beat a game. So yeah, im done *leaves*
I'd say im above average, although im really a vet gamer with 27 years of gaming under my belt a lot better ;)
Social life, hobbies and a full time job and hangovers mean i have a hell of a lot less free time to game, added to the fact once you get a lot of disposable incom e you find yourslef buying more games then you ever going to get time to play, let alone get good at. Now i just blast through a game so i can get onto the next one as quick as possible. Whereas in my teenage years my entire life was spent playing games out of school. playing stuff like Mario kart hours on end just shaving seconds of your ghost times or Streetfighter trying to complete with every charater on the hardest levels .. i really should have got out more.. thank god university cam and changed that :D
Its really dependant on the game:

I play pro evo 5 regular online and have become increasingly better at it - with a long winning streaks. Though I play World Of Warcraft which I don't think I'm the best of players, though I enjoy it.

Its hard to gauge how good you truly are unless you play online or against someone else.

I'm bit a of a slow burner - I improve over time.
Once again depends on the game.

I used to be a big Delta Force man a few years ago, though a mate of mine is just ridiculously proficient at that.

I get easily bored with a lot of games, i.e. platformers where you have to go over the same things over and over again, that said I was addicted to the first two Oddworld Games on the PSX, and completed both perfectly (having done them imperfectly) just to see the alternate ending.

Never been big on driving games, but love an RPG. Can't stand "hit as any buttons as you can" fighting games, but am a sucker for a good Civ type. Horses for courses innit?
With my ever shrinking patient in gaming, if I die several times in a row, I usually turn the game off nowadays. What's worse then the old school days is that when I died playing Ninja Gaiden for NES, I could snap right back to the action and try again. With Ninja Gaiden for XBox, for example, if I die and don't want to waste reviving item that I have in inventory, I have to turn XBox off and turn it back on and go through the whole menu over again. For a game that you're expected to die a hundred times before you beat the game (actually I beat it twice, and love the game otherwise :)), having no quit option in main menu simply doesn't make sense.

Also, countless other games make you go through the same cinema sequence and
click through all the dialogs JUST in order to get back to where you were before you died. The penalty for dying is too frustrating and boring for me and I don't think developers realize that.

Speaking of frustrating moments in gaming, tapping on A button while impatiently waiting for the dialog to end in Legend of Zela: Ocarina of Time and involuntarily selecting "want to listen to explanation again" option to go through the same damn dialog over again would make it to my TOP 5 list, although I would also name Legend of Zela: Ocarina of Time my Top 5 favorite games.

Many RPGs force us to read through all those pointless-and-not-even-funny dialogs with NPCs without giving us an option to pass them. If you want to write a novel, please write a novel without torturing someone who doesn't want to read a novel.
It really depends on the game. I've beaten SMB3 pretty quickly, though I used every cheat I could find (whistles, endless 1UP loops and whatnot). I can't get past Saturn on Gyruss, I've gotten to wave 11 on Joust, wave 18 on Galaga.

Most of the modern FPS games I find I can beat if I just keep at them. Online FPSs are a different story entirely, no matter how good I think I am playing the single player campaign, I get soundly destroyed online. It's still loads of fun though.

I'm finding most new games I get just aren't that hard. Savepoints every five feet, health and ammo laying about everywhere. I think DOOM got the balance nicely. It was frustrating at times sure, but not so hard that you wanted to quit playing.