How do you pronounce GIF?

second exodous

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Sep 27, 2005
Utah, USA
I personally hear it both ways, and don't correct peoples pronunciation either way, kinda just adapt to how they say it. I understand it said both ways so it doesn't bother me.

a linked article on slashdot goes into detail and the creator says JIF. I think he's a dick because even Linus Trovalds changed the pronunciation from using a hard I to a soft i so people that didn't know his name wouldn't constantly be corrected by those that did. The GIF guy should have just said it didn't matter or picked the more logical way to say it.

Anyway, it drives me nuts when I'm corrected on GIF pronunciation because it happens no matter how I say it. To the point I just say 'little animation' or something so I don't have to say the word.

I don't know why, but I still think of ED saying guy for GUI and it cracks me up. However, I wouldn't be a dick and correct him because I know what he freaking means.
For 10 years I pronounced it with a definitive G, as in Gif, but nowadays, thanks to the creator, who I agree with you is a fucking dick...I pronounce it with a J, as in Jif :(
I say it how it's spelt.

But seriously, I tend to say 'ghif' in my head. I try to adapt to what anyone wants to call it, and similarly to you, I don't tend to correct anyone - it's just not important enough. I'm vaguely aware the inventor of the initialism pronounces it to sound like 'jiff' and intended to have everyone say it like that originally, but the web in which I first came across the file format was a text based format for what felt like rather a long time to me at least. I think someone more erudite than I am, probably working for the BBC said that you oughtn't correct anyone mispronuncing a word you know; odds are they're only doing that because their only experience of the word came from reading, and reading shouldn't be discouraged.
Well since GIF = Graphic interface File, Since no one pronounces Graphic with a J sound, I tend to think it should be pronounced with a hard G sound. It's also phonetically supposed to be said with a hard G sound. Also screw what the creator believes how it should be pronounced...
I always pronounce it's three characters as I believe GIF is not a word but a shortform.
GIF = G (pronounced Jee), I ( aaee ), F ( ef )

same as we do with pdf.
I've had the same discussion about SAP / S.A.P. and S.Q.L. / SeQuel.
I use Gif, SAP, S.Q.L. and even if they start I don't engage the discussion, they know what is means and that's good enough for me.
Speaking Computer terms in the real outside world? I never had the problem.

Also whats wrong with how ED speaks GUI?
Hard Gif. There are many logical reason to do so, but my actual reason is just coming from German. Nobody would look at "Gif" in the middle of German text and get the idea to say something along the lines of Jif.

Pyra is actually pronounced "Pizza", guys. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.