Have you been that guy?


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Aug 29, 2011
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I saw one of those threads related to someone who was being a dick and was banned for it. Rightfully so, I'm sure. It made me curious, though: has anyone else here been that guy? You know, the annoying, pretentious, immature dick on a forum?

I was that guy on one forum, the SCDB, under the username "jaychant", and it rightfully led to a permaban. More importantly, it rightfully led me to be very much hated by that particular part of the Star Control fan community (which sucks, because it's the biggest one now). My last postings were in this thread, and I must say I made some of the most embarrassing posts I've ever made there. Some of my stupid ramblings included claiming that I was "not a nerd!!!" because I "don't get as" in school (that's an actual quote; I was referring to the letter, i.e. the school grade), claiming I was "the sh!t" at a children's card game that I was a noob at (again, actual quote), and in the end, basically claiming "I don't care about the SCDB" and practically asking to be permabanned.

I think I was 14 at the time, which can kind of explain it. Or maybe it was demon possession. Whatever it was, I definitely had horrible delusions of grandeur and acted quite immaturely.

One thing that's kind of interesting to note: I always acted immature on the SCDB. What's really funny (and embarrassing) is that when I joined, the community was incredibly inactive, so when I became one of the most frequent posters there, I started viewing myself as the most important member in the community. Again, delusions of grandeur on a horrible scale.

This is all so embarrassing that I never use the username "jaychant" any more.

So, anyone else have crazy stories like this to tell? Anything even close to my 14-year-old stupidity? :lol:
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Yep, I've been that third wheel on many outings with my friends, I hate being 'that guy...'

Oh wait, wrong topic :p

If anything, I've always been leaning towards being a Chaotic Good type of poster where if I do end up trolling people, it's for the greater good of the forum in some part (but mostly for my amusement), but not purposefully mess with those that didn't have something coming to them already.

Outright douche, though? Not my style. I know a few of those kind of people, and it's mainly done for comedic effect, and for the most part works for them but fails miserably for others.
dumb as it sounds i used to be a myspace tyrant. i would start fights on myspace for nothing better than self enjoyment. as such i stopped using myspace and facebook altogether. neither one of those sites are any good i think.
I used to troll, of all things, Yahoo Chat... back in the good ol' days! ( actually these were somewhat after the good old old days, but I'm only in my late twenties! )

It was, incidentally, where I met my wife. I was trolling the living shit out of some American douchebags and she found me entertaining.

Obviously, trolling can sometimes lead to good and wonderful outcomes! Which is why I've now all but given up trolling forums, and troll people in real life instead. ( I still troll IRC with faux Mac/Apple adoration )
not so often on forums but i love nothing more than getting in argument with folk whilst playing COD Especially when its some douch with a garbage k/d rato
or when some child who isnt even old enough to play modern warfare starts talking - this means it time to take the piss :)
Damn, what's wrong with me?

I never was that type of guy :(

I feel like I missed some fun when I was young :D
Not that I am aware off. Never been banned either (and I hope to keep it that way). I wasn't active on any boards when I was that age, otherwise it might have been different.
I never got banned on any boards. Once I think it was close when arguing with craig ;)

Hope it will stay that way.
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Nope... I've always been super nice... but in the past few years I've become a little twisted due to some f***ed up life experiences. I always seem to catch myself before i make too much trouble.

When I was younger I was easy prey for chat room a**holes... I would get really upset when people said things that just aren't true! =ó. Ò =

Silly me.

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Me and some friends used to torment the chatrooms on AOL. It was most likely due to all the alcohol (and stuff) but it never lasted too long as we'd get punted fairly quickly and move on to the next room. Oh, the stupid shit people do out of boredom!
I haven't been banned from any forums but I made a small handful of really dumb and trollish posts on AOL when I was 12, and I got into a weird op-schism on IRC around the same time..
Never intentionally, but I have been banned from discussion groups because my opinions on censorship and queues (two separate groups and two separate discussions) were not 100% in line with the original author.
Never intentionally, but I have been banned from discussion groups because my opinions on censorship and queues (two separate groups and two separate discussions) were not 100% in line with the original author.
What are your opinions on censorship and queues, if you don't mind me asking?
The first ban came when I said that, if someone goes up to a cashier with a problem and the cashier says she can't help unless the person waits their turn in line that the person should then follow the rules, go stand in line, and wait their turn. This was apparently misinterpreted as me being in favour of some sort of dictatorship where everything has a set of rules and all rules must be followed.

The second surrounded a list of books that had been banned. I was quick to point out that while I was strictly against all forms of censorship, it would do well to consider the differences between a book banned in a tiny town because it makes the industry which drives that town (forestry, in this case) out to be completely evil, and the books that are banned across entire countries because a small group of people had decided they were bad. Small group of people deciding something is bad for them, I disagree but understand and respect the concern. Small group of people deciding something is bad for everyone, I disagree and have no respect for. Apparently this was misinterpreted to be me saying that there are cases where censorship is good, despite the fact I explicitly said three times in my argument (for fear that someone would misinterpret it as me saying that there are cases where censorship is good) that I am wholly against all forms of censorship.
being banned is nothing.....i remember days of being DDoS'd up to 7 times a day, once even having my connection dropped for a whole 2 days. oh how i miss EfNet....i wonder what happened to all my good efnet buddies...i know one of them went to jail for hacking into bank accounts and taking money, and for stealing peopled identity...