hostname ideas

Pandora CC = Sparky (named after Ritchie's Pikachu)
Pandora 1Ghz = Megatron (named originally because of the silver case and is now in a back case)
Pyra = Prime (because better than Megatron?)
Usually give straightforward names for networking, but my disks go as following (last change since OS install) :
MCP - OS partition, it's all about TRON references;
FLYNN - main data, the one archiving a whole life worth of garbage;
TRON - after the character, as I plan to use it as a download-to-tidy disk;
CLU - the oldest disk, so the most likely to betray me :p

Also, my portable disk is named REVIENS, after the french "Il s'appelle 'Reviens' !", meaning something like "It's called 'give it back' !".
Mithology was also a source of hostnames in several places I've worked/studied.

Pyrrha is also the mother of another Pandora.

"Once the land has been repopulated with humans, mother earth follows suit and begins to produce all other forms of life. Ovid uses this opportunity to inform his audience that heat and water are the sources of all life – “because when heat and moisture blend in due balance, they conceive: these two, these are the origin of everything. Though fire and water fight, humidity and warmth create all things; that harmony” (Ovid – pg 15)."

When I look at the Pyra logo I see a flame. But I also see two halves, in harmony, separated by a wavy, water-like line. There's fire, there's water, there's harmony. It must be fertile.

Since Ovid took to retell this story, I think I'll name mine Ovidi (I like music by Ovidi Montllor, by the way, but don't trust wikipedia, we all know he's not dead, he's on holidays).
That's a good question. My desktop is an Arch Linux named Starchy; my laptop is Stantop; my phone is Standroid; Pandora is Standora. What can I name the Pyra? Stanyra? Styra? Pystan?
It's a clamshell, so how about "Stamshell" or "Stanshell?"
If yer much into the portable gaming aspect, there might be a name from that... Stanboy? Stantop Portable? Stan Gear?
Wizard's Dragon
Standiego (According to Wikipedia, Dora the Explorer led to a spinoff revolving around a character named Diego.)
I'm using organ-builders for the moment.
Potential names, and those in use, include:

Marenghi, Gavioli, Gaudin, Verbeeck, Decap, for portable computers
Compton, Christie, Wurlitzer, Kimball, Barton, for static ones.

I'll probably use Bruder for my Pyra when it comes, since Ingolstadt and Waldkirch are both in the same part of the world.

I used to use a scheme based on precious stones (Diamond, Amethyst, Emerald, etc), as do some of my family - but we were running out of names to use!
@M-HT: Maybe you'll be interestet in:

Jürgen Torsten Kork
Mr. Spuck
Miss Bora Bora
Jens Maul
Queen Metapha