Wads Or Pwads ???


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Sep 2, 2004
Dteuschland ;)
I found the site of Falken80, and he made a Quake, Half-Life and some more mods/wads for Doom. But there are two version a Wad and a PWad...

So whats the difference and which one do I need to play these on my GP32?
And how do I run them in Doom (using v10)?

well, the whole deal is...

Doom v10 fxe goes in gpmm
then make a folder in the Game Foleder called DOOM
then put the WAD file from the registered version of doom you have, or the shareware, in there
it will be either Doom.wad or Doom2.wad
then put in any extra Pwads that you want to play ( Halflife.wad , quake.wad etc... )
Standalone Wads are differant
Halflife standalone would be called Doom2 but would be larer than the real doom2 wad and you would only be able to play halflife

in the end... Wads are the games or standalones, Pwads are the addons so you can have more than one

The half-life wad was only the first 3 or 4 levels right?
Or do I have to put in a .pak or something from the original game to play all the levels?
no , v10 is the newest, actualy v10 beta, but its just as good, all the same, but fixes screen split I think
and the half life is only 4 levels , but good ones at that!