[Help Request] Restrict program from Joy2Key


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Mar 9, 2010
I have a bit of a problem with how my Joy2Key is set up currently on my PC.

I use Joy2Key for one thing only, Hyperspin, to map my xbox pad to the k/board controls.
This is all working perfectly fine in Hyperspin.

However, I want to use my Steam on this PC too.

And here is the problem.
Joy2Key has mappings set for my Hyperspin, like:
[dpad UP] = [key W]
[dpad DOWN] = [key E]

But Steam lets you use your keyboard keys within your games Library to 'jump' to games of that letter.
So of course the problem I have only occurs once I'm in my Steam Library, all other Steam big picture menus are fine, but soon as I go into my Library, I use my xbox control pad and press the dpad [DOWN], and it jumps to my games starting with E, then I press dpad [UP] and I'm at my games starting with W.

Pretty much makes the Library unusable now :(

To resolve, I see it as that I could either:
- Block Steam from Joy2key.
- Prevent the keyboard shortcuts from working in Steam library.

No idea though if either of those things is possible.

Hoping that someone has good knowledge of Joy2key and might know about restricting programs from it somehow
Could you not create a batch/script to load Hyperspin that loads Joy2Key first, then after Hyperspin ends, terminates the Joy2Key process?
That is an idea I hadn't thought. Don't see why that wouldn't work, and will consider that if cannot find anything more suitable, thanks.
Ideally though, I'm looking at a keyboard-less solution.

I actually have joy2key in my Windows startup.
I also have my PC configured to launch straight into Steam Big Picture mode, as I only use this PC for gaming 99% of the time.
So I have it boot straight into Steam Big Picture, then I have a shortcut in my Steam library pointing to my Hyperspin program.

So I can just hit the power button, then just sit back with my game pad, play some Steam and get into Hyperspin if I want some old retro gaming.

Didn't explain all that previously, but now due to the solution you offered, added this detail, as explains why ideally I'd like to be able to omit Steam completely from joy2key somehow.
I suspect that isn't possible, but hoping it is
With Joy2Key, you can load specific profiles based on the active application. At least that is what the website says. You should be able to create a profile in Joy2Key for Steam that changes the joypad mappings.
Just seen that, tbh I didn't delve into Joy2key at all other than following some recommended setup for my HS.
Just checked profiles and selecting them based on applications, mentioned here:
That's now perfect!
Created a new profile for Steam, left it all disabled, associated both my profiles to HS and Steam and works exactly as I want, still works in HS when launch that from Steam and my Steam library is not jumping to sections now, can just scroll through them all one at a time.
Simple thing, but i wasn't aware of these active profiles so cheers