Help Me I Am A Complete And Utter N00b


Still Fresh
Dec 14, 2005
Ok a few n00b questions here on a few things

First off is quake. I put the wad in the ID1 folder. loaded it up. I press start to get to the menu then press B to start the game and it goes back to the command shell, same things happens wwhen I press start and no other button will take me to the game.

Second is Neo geo CD emu, I select the Metal Slug zip folder and it goes straight back to the rom menu, I tryed unzipping it but it will not pick up the Iso. i have installed the SDL liberties.

Third is Duke 3D I put all the files in the correct place but I get nothing, same for wolfenstein.

Thats its, thanks for any help. Please help a n00b.
1. For quake, I think you may need to edit qlaunch.gpe....

2. For the neogeo cd emulator to work you have to extract all of the files that are on the iso and put them in a zip file. If you want backround music you should put the mp3's in a folder called neocd.mp3 inside of the roms directory.

3. Please elaborate. Where is the "correct" place? What, specifically, do you get when you try to run it? A black screen? Or does the menu come up but it just won't start a new game?
1) There isn't much in the qlaunch.gpe it just looks like it is linking the the quake,gpe I have no ideo what to edit

2)I got The Neo geo CD Emu working Thanks

3) For Duke it said to put the files in the same directry as the .gpe file so I did put all the files that were mentioned and made the few edits that the readme said, as for wolfenstein it did not come witha readme so I put all the files in the samedirectry as the .gpe I get a black screen for both.