Hardware Problems (I Think..)


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Jan 9, 2007
Hi guys,

I bought Caanoo from evilsdragon's gp2x.de/shop, and I think it has some issues, that I want to discuss. Maybe it's only matter of my lack of knowledge about Caanoo, but I just want to ask you are those few problems pretty common, or not. So..

1. Screen

I know LCD screens are brighter in some places than in other, however my Caanoo has a visible bright line at the bottom, is it totally normal?

2. USB connector

- The USB connector is very sensitive, if I slightly move plug (not cable), which is directly connected to Caanoo's data transfer port, to the right or to the left - it drops connection, and the led for power supply turns off.. I guess it shouldn't happen, am I right?
- The second thing is data transfer. I bought 32 GB SD card - Pretec SDHC 32GB 233x Class 10 (PC10SDHC32G) - my data transfer cable is connected to the USB2.0 port, the data transfer is about 1,39 MB/s. Is it also normal thing? Average write speed for this SD card should be 17,68 MB/s.

3. Battery

- I turn my Caanoo off, and leave it for a day, and then I can't boot it. I plug in USB cable for power, then I can turn it on. Then I realize the battery is discharged. Is my Caanoo in standby mode like ipods or something? I use original firmware without any modifications.

Thank you for any opinions and suggestions. I just want to know more about Caanoo before I tell ED my Caanoo looks to be broken.

Thank you very much,
I'm not sure if it's normal, but my Caanoo is like that as well. Although it's only noticeable sometimes, like at the boot screen.

Not too sure about the connector dropping out on you but I know that transferring from the USB connector to the Caanoo is very slow. Try plugging the SD card directly to your computer.

I believe it takes a few charge cycles to get the Caanoo battery to normal. Give it a few more goes and if it still can't hold a charge then I would say there is a problem.

Good luck with your Caanoo :)
1. I think this a problem with all Caanoo.

2. My usb cable is nowhere near that fragile.

3. The Caanoo loses it's charge rapidly until it's been recharged a good few times.
1- mine there is a bright blurred line at the bottom, but only on the boot sequence, it does not show on other applications or places.

2-all conectors, including usb, usb power, p2 earphone and sd card are fine and things fit tight shut.
The usb power one, I have to place the caanoo´s cover on a certain position so it fits perfectly.
Speed so far is ok, haven´t measured or bothered. Sometimes I remove the sd card and copy straight to it.

3- At first 4 or 6 charges it went away in about 4 and a half hours usage. took around 4h to charge.
Now, it takes forever to loose battery, full charge still takes similar time, but I usually have it connected for transfer and it goes on charging.