Happy Birthday Dreamcast!


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Jan 19, 2005
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To quote Dcemulation:

"Eight years ago today, many American Sega fans were in tents camping out for the western release of the most powerful gaming console to date. The console would sell out, creating shortages for Sega, who would make one-hundred million dollars from sales in the first two weeks alone. Sega of America would tout that their system's fine sales demonstrated that the Dreamcast moved from the hardcore gaming market to the casual gaming market.

Although the Dreamcast now is certainly a hardcore market, today we look back upon the days when the Dreamcast had pioneered so many things in the gaming world, something for which it has never received enough credit."
Brilliant! It's still the best console around, definitely. I just wonder whether a shortage of replaceable lasers will eventually stop people using them entirely.
Either way, it was and is a great machine that brought the internet to consoles...and what a celebration for such a meeting...in the form of CHU CHU ROCKET!

Good on you, Dreamcast, you cute machine.

If machines CAN be cute...