GPsop : Sopwith for GP32


May 10, 2003
Hello again!

Sorry to leave everyone for so long.. I've been in a bit of a personal slump of late and have had a hard time working on this.. anyway, that's not important anymore.

I'm writing to announce that Sopwith for the GamePark is now a reality. Please visit my page for it at for full source and binary downloads.

Please enjoy!

Sound works, but is clicky. I would *love* it if someone could help straighten that out for me, since it should be pretty simple if you know what you are doing (unlike me).
this may be the same problem i had when i tried to make my 1st GP32 game, Bouncing Bill 2.

basically it was the clear screen function that was causing the clicky sound.

apparently if you set a large(ish) block of memory without any Reads or NOPs (no operation) inbetween, then it screws up the audio playback! :angry:

i ended up doing a really lazy hack where i created a large 320x240 black sprite and then blitted that to clear the screen, lame huh? but it fixed the sound! :D

downloading your game now, looks great! i hope you get lots of nice feedback for all your work! ;)
I LOVE U MAKENAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is great good work :)

what do u think about trying to make an updated version? it be cool if u could select 16bit mode and the orignal ega mode :)

great work i love it i can't stop playing :D

This sound realy c00l i love games like this :D Unfortanley i haven't got my GP32 yet. damm i want to try this out :blink:
Yeah Thanks Makenai.
I remember playing sopwith the first time round. I had totaly forgoten
about it. Thanks again.
You planning on porting any others?
That would be very nice of you, I love Sopwith :)

Do you have any plans to also port it to Wiz, or is the source code too GP32-ized? If not, I'll go ahead and port SDL Sopwith (since there's no source for the GP2X port).
Late reply, sorry. May as well port the SDL version as that is what the GP32 version was originally based on.
I'd love to implement two player mode using the RF but... who's going to use it?

But yes I agree, Sopwith is ace - one of my favorite homebrews. Along with Spout.