Why Is My Screen Flickering?


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Apr 4, 2003
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If your GP32 randomly resets, flickers or goes white in places, it's probably your battery. FLU users get the advantage of seeing their front light go out first, others cry in fear until they realise their batteries have run out... :D If you are overclocking, read below.

If you're still having troubleshooting problems, try the test mode. At the official ROM menu (PC-LINK/MP3/GAME) press L,R,R,L,R,R,L,L and you can test various things, using Start+Select to skip through each test. Ask around on these forums as well.

Remember - although the flickering can be frightening, it is simply because the GP32 does not turn off when the battery gets critically low.

The only other cause for flickering is overclocking. Usually GP32s overclocked beyond their 'stable' limit begin to flicker and eventually reset themselves minutes into gameplay. Even if your GP32 runs indefinitely, if it flickers when connected to mains or with full batteries it is generally a bad idea to keep using it at that speed. For one thing, you might damage it, and for the other, flickering makes it annoying to use ;) So lower the speed.
If your GP32 flickers when connected to the Mains via a 3v DC Adaptor or you see lines running across the screen that is because you are using an unregulated power supply and the power into your GP32 is fluctuating rapidly creating waves/lines.
I don't think this is harmful or serious but make sure you buy a regulated DC supply so you don't encounter this problem...

I know when to change the Battery on my Blu when the screen starts to shake worse than California. It also loses most of its color and becomes very white :lol:
I remember some one saying that there should be a battery indicator on their GP32 or installing a LED that responds to battery power, but I don't need that because mine gets the shakes. My Gp32 doesn't randomly restart.... That's a good thing! You made it stable at 166mhz Craig! Ha ha ha I thought there was something wrong with it the first time until I figured it was probably time to switch the batteries.