Gp2x Firmware 3.0.0 Has Been Released

Goob said:
Pickle said:
I think I would try open2x sooner than i would with this firmware release. It seems it was geared to people that have no idea how to use thier gp2x. i.e. preloaded games, help video
I'm very eager for open2x, now that *is* interesting!

whats wrong with the preloaded games? I was chuffed when I found them on there, as it meant I was able to use the gp2x immediatley.

but yeah, I am really looking forward to open2x...
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Franxis said:
In the new firmware, the selected icon is blinking with black lines in front of it... I really don't like this graphic effect... :(
Any known fix for this yet or is everyone stuck waitig on GPH to release 3.0.1?
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Goob said:
The solution is... Don't upgrade, as it's not an update really. A bit like Vista :)
hehehe, good call

after reading this, and other people's dramas with the "beta" 3.0.0 firmware, i'm staying with 2.1.1 until open2x comes out
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