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Feb 16, 2004
Figured i should update the opening page to keep it upto date.

I found a bug in 0.7.0 which was pretty critical, so had to tidy up what i had already done towards 0.7.5 and release "0.7.1" - as a result it's messed up my plan of what was ment to be done for which version, so in future i'll just be playing by ear and writing the features i think should be done next.

I'm currently working on 0.7.5, i'll post in the thread every week or two which what i've added thus far into 0.7.5 (from 0.7.1).


and remember you can download the latest version at

- Pirotic
a little idea for "different screen transitions": slow treen transition, for all the dramatic end-of-scene effects :)

for the rest, I'll wait until 0.7 gets here :)
Im looking forward to turn based most of all :)

*must get to work on site* <-- blame kat for this one. Oh and my mum threatening to throw me out hehe.

Will probably just convert an old site I did for my BTEC (, was bobs bits; a computer selling company, (the teacher thought of the name lol). Anyways it shouldnt take too long to do. Although tommorow im gonna meet kat from 2:30 and try and get a job hehe.
not sure whats up with the chatboard at the moment, i asked moose to contact the seller just to check that him sending $ was ok, not sure if its progressed any further.. im just gratefull moose is helping :)
Im sending 18 us cash dollars out on friday for the chatboard. Sorry I havent contacted you yet, Mr Brown. I will today though to enusre my order is filled. Also, I wanted to move these posts over from the 0.7.0 topic, just to keep them fresh (hope you dont mind!)

Hey Pirotic, a few more questions/suggestions perhaps... maybe youve already thought of these things too anyway...

- A jump function for the maps (ala Super Mario RPG)
- A run function (ala FF3 and most snes RPGs)
- how customizable are hot spots? (touch one, lose health, die, transport, trigger a conversation, cutscene, etc.)
- will .gif or .bmp images be supported (for like enemys, item placement, etc.)
- with that in mind, just using collision detection on and around that image, like you post a tree picture, and put a block of "no walk through" around it?
- animated backgrounds during battles (like the moving train battle in FF3)
- zip support?
are you going to include, in later, later versions, some of your own or presinstalled graphics and tiles?

Also, I truly hope Gigas wins in the compo. Hoestly, unless I see a 100% super SNES or 95% GEN w/sound emu, Gigas really is the most improved over time. So, so so much has been put into this program/game/hobby, its just a shame if it didnt win. Sorry about not getting back to you about the chatboard sooner. Chat board support would have been another good improvement for the compo.
more chance of seeing an 100% gen than a 95% snes if you ask me, but that doesn' thave anything to do with this :)
Pirotic would it be possble if you tweaked the collision detectiong so you can walk on the parts of the tiles that are solid but only the part that is transparent.
uhuh, my original plan was to just use my good old fashioned "if it isnt transparent, its solid" method - but that can be a bit fiddly, as if it has one pixel in the way you get stuck etc.

i got around this in my lemmings game by coding a ramp function, so if you try to walk up but your blocked by 1 pixel on the left, instead of just bumping into it and looking stupid, your character will automatically move one pixel right.

it uses alot more CPU than the current method, which is why i didnt encorporate it from the start, but i will add it as an option.

at the moment when you toggle collision you just get on or off, once i add the aformentioned you'll get a third "smart" option.
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I think the turn based should be just like ff6 tbh :) I dont like the one on RPGMarker where you cant see the characters (alla dragon warrior) :/
dont worry, it'll be final fantasy style - i didnt like the Dragon Warrior style of just seeing the enemies and some cheap 'slash' animations when you attack.
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new rpg maker 2003 had visible characters, but it still stank :)
I will wait for 7.0 to come and I get aquanted with it for requests
but could I see a pic of what you guys are talking about for the battle type?

Hey Pirotic, have you thought about that thing that i asked you?

If you got 3 "squares"


and 2 are solid


you can walk through the middle one
Dragon Quest/Warrior

Final Fanatsy


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Hey Pirotic, have you thought about that thing that i asked you?

If you got 3 "squares"


and 2 are solid


you can walk through the middle one
Hiya, i tweaked the collision area on the entities so that they should be able to fit thru a single tile, haven't tried it yet tho ;)
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Do you think you should get all your health back when you level up? at the moment it just 'adds on' the extra HP you earn from leveling up, but i remember some Squaresoft games used to give you full health as a reward for leveling up :p
there were both possibilities :
-only add extra HP
-recover to the new HPmax

but I dont know wich one is better:
recovering might help out a player after a big battle but some difficultie would be lost...

maybe you can add a variable user setable in the editor menu to allow one to chose from 0 to 100% of hp recovery when level up
but I dont know if it is easy or not to add

see you :lol:
i better just make it a game setting (when creating a game) so people can pick either, i like getting full health back so i'll probably put that as the default :)