Get ready to rumble!

I'll wait. I don't have the time, and let the emu and game makers get the first 200.
Number 500 or 1000 would be great too to have. 

Do not forget, if they deliver 100 per month you are looking at one year of waiting. (Not that I have waited 3 years for my Pandora :) )
Yess, me too 3 years and 10 days, But, it wasn't bad to wait longer for the pandora.......... the USA made models had issues. And the German made pandora's were really good. 

So I'll wait till the first 500 have been made, and all the major issues are gone. Major Software fixes are done, and steady enough.

I love to support this project. But not in the frontline this time ;-)
Well, the feeling is diverent when you wait the yeahrs until its out or you have the device still sitting on your desct in this time..

I dotnt extect all thinks whe know from the pandora in the first 2 Months, but a GB Emulator and some Tetris Clones shouldnt take that long..

Even if i have the Pyra, the Pandora is still ready to rumble..

Looking forward for the Prototyph Videos,

In 1080p HD thanks to my now fast Internet :)
Sorry - might have been stated?

Will the pre order PCB's be populated or bare pcb??
Thanks mate!

Will look good with my Pandora PCB!
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