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Mar 4, 2003
The time for the pre-preorder has arrived!


As promised yesterday, here are the two links for the preorders.

First, for everyone who wants to get a prototype:

And here is the link in case you want to make sure you get one of the first 200 mass produced units.
You will also receive a special limited dummy Pyra mainboard PCB including a serial number and signatures of Nikolaus and EvilDragon on them.
These will ship in November (without any additional costs!)

Some important notes about ordering the prototypes:

We're planning to produce 18 Pyra Prototypes in November.

10 will go to developers - and 8 will be sold here in the shop.
Delivery will happen shortly after the production.

In case the prototype production has issues and we won't be able to produce enough units, you'll get your payment back.

The prototypes will be fully assembled, already with an injection moulded case and a keymat. They will hopefully be fully working, so that the mass produced units should only have minor tweaks.
In case there's a huge issue with the prototype PCB, you will receive a new, fully working PCB for free when the mass production has started.

All prototypes will have the 4G module included.

Please don't expect fully working software from the beginning. The prototypes are being used by the developers to implement all hardware functions into the OS.
So the OS will be working, but some drivers are missing at the beginning.
You will be able to update the OS yourself and follow the development. Of course, feedback to improve things is very welcome here!

Each prototype unit will also get a certificate of authenticy.
Maybe you will even be able to choose your own case color - because with the prototype production run, we'll test multiple colors as well.

In this case, we'll contact you as soon as we know more!

Some important notes about pre-preordering one of the mass produced unit:

This is a special voucher for everyone who likes to shout "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" with every newspost I make about the Pyra.

Please note: The Pyra will cost more that that - but whenever the Pyra is ready, you can use this voucher to fully substract the 290 EUR from your final Pyra payment (which won't be necessary until the units are finished and ready to ship!) 
With this voucher, you make sure that you will get one of the very first 200 mass produced Pyras when it's ready. The faster you order, the lower your serial number will be.

This pre-preorder will end October 24th, 3:17pm UTC

You can place this order regardless which unit and accessories you want and regardless whether you will still get a discounted unit because you didn't get your iCP2 or Pandora - this will be taken care of with the final payment. 

Read carefully:
Please ONLY place this order in case you don't urgently need these 290 EUR. You can be sure we'll try everything to finish the Pyra, but still, with an unfinished product, there's always the chance it won't work out.

In this case, please wait at least until the normal preordering starts (when the prototypes are finished).
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Phew, I ordered on the shop before the post went up, heh. Didn't read the product description before ordering but when I came back to it only 2 were gone... so I may or may not be the first pre-pre-order. Yey. (would be cool if were able to tell our number though)
Money will take a few days, but it'll sure get to you. No way I can't support this, take my stuff  :D

And good luck selling the prototypes. Don't quite have the money for one of those lying around.  :p
Edit: Neat, one prototype gone already!
Edit2: Make that 2. Wow.
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Yeah, got my preorder voucher!!!
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Yep, got one too! I didn't get to see how many were before me, but a few minutes after buying there were 172 left.
Who read this post fully before he clicks on that link ?

I´m glad to get such chance to support that "project", yes its bigger than that :)

And I want to say many thanks to your investors in the background, who gives you the possibility to improve the pyra as much as you want it !!!
I feels like they don´t give you much pressure to make the "quick money"

Thanks and good luck for the production
how dos it work now?? I pay via Bank wire, then i get a voucher code which i use when the Pyra is ready?? Or ist there anything else i now have know??
Well my order is in, so now we bging the next phase of the waiting game, I hope my money will help get production up and running a bit faster!!
I'm pretty sure I got into top-20.

Oh, and ED: I got an error at the end of the order process: "We noticed a problem with your order. If you think this is an error, you can contact our customer support". Apparently the order went through fine though since I got the voucher code in my email.
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boahr, this wasnt that fear: i ditnt saw this newspost that fast, but i think its workd,
maybe i got one of the first 40 or so.. but now i preeordered the Pyra, and its everything i wantet dotay..

@christoph.krn: according to a post from evilDragon, its dosnt matter when you pay, as long you dit the order, so i think this should work....
154 left apparently after my order. Ah I was a little disappointed, I got my timing wrong. Seemed to have been up for 30mins before I got here.

But I'm very happy to put some money towards the cause, ED and the team are approaching this professionally, and even with the risk, that is reassuring

Happy birthday ED

Update: I too got the ""We noticed a problem with your order. If you think this is an error, you can contact our customer support"." error after my checkout. But have received the code and payment confirmation.

My first card was declined for some reason (probably an issue on the card's end)
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Yes happy birthday indeed! Good luck with the real preorders. I was waffling but decided to go-in.

To infinity and beyond!
Ahhhh the damn Ingenico crap is broken, I had to use paypal and they charged me like, 12$ extra.
Ah I was a little disappointed, I got my timing wrong. Seemed to have been up for 30mins before I got here.

No ED wrote this post 30 minutes ago minus the html links and had it hidden, he then added the links released it on schedule. So you didn't miss anything.
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