Gcw Zero Kickstarter


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May 17, 2009
North Brunswick, New Jersey
It's not live yet and isn't planned to be until Feb/March 2013. We just want to get as much exposure as possible before then. That and there's a lot going on behind the scenes with Justin, qbertaddict and the dev team.
Anyway, here's the Kickstarter page but just assume that some things will change between now and March, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gcw/1795282016?token=56ffdb8d
So tell your friends, blog about it or start threads about it on your favorite gaming forums. The Zero is the spiritual successor to the GPH and Dingoo consoles so we should all be behind it!
Are you sure this isn't going live sooner. Seems like too much of a big mad rush to get it done for a February release. Also the estimated shipping dates are stated for January.
Those shipping dates are just for the setup of the Kickstarter.  I'm sure they'll be changed once it goes live.
They've posted the question over at Dingoonity as to when the community thinks it should go live.  I've given some feedback, it would be good to hear from others who have supported the GPH & Dingoo in the past.
Yeah, I'm hoping he waits until at least mid Feb. People will be starting to get their tax returns so they'll have more pocket money. Plus I think it needs to be publicized a bit more before the Kickstarter launches.
I think two weeks after the start of January will be most likely. Anticipation will be high after the arrival of first 30+ units. Since there is no definite date on the remaining units the videos and reviews from first batch may be all there is for some time.
Is $160.000 dollar the goal when it becomes live or is this just a number that's going to be changes when it goes live?
Only just found out about this. Not sure why, given i have a pandora and Caanoo but just placed a kickstarter order.

Seems a bit like a cross between the two. Well, nice to be able to support the scene especially with Gph dead.
I'm really eager for this new handheld.
I've not had a Dingoo A320 in the past, I've been a GP2X man since the F100, but a proper d-pad, dedicated Gmenu2x and 1Ghz processor is too good to pass up.
So I've backed the kickstarter. Although I'm primarily interested in the emulation prospects, I'm interested to see what'll get developed for this too, I think with these specs there's a fair bit more promise than the Caanoo had.
Yeah, people are not reacting too well to this new idea. I don't see a problem with trying as long as it doesn't interfere with getting Zeros to the customers.
The Dingoonity thread is just packed full of angry people that seem to think Justin is scamming everyone. Of course he's not but you can't reason with some people when delays happen. Most of them would never have survived the whole Pandora thing.