GamesCom 2012 conclusion?

How dare you crushing my dreams :angry:

...Looks like I should make more of an effort to take a holiday in Germany sometime :)

Looking good, nice uploads guys, I'll check the vid later too ... at work now with the old FunBlocker script in effect.

PS: Someone should've got that Knightrider LED mod we mentioned a while back done and sat it on the bonet of the KITT car
In my opinion and fundamented on experience in another niche product it is very important to attend such shows not only to increase purchases but also to gather attention in the public i.e. to show the audience that you are (still) there.

I'm preparing my tech box for the Paris geek bar showcase, the same i used in Cologne.

And i found a Pandora AC charger in it !!!

Sry, ED, i stole one of yours ^^. The shape is very similar to the one i use with my USB hub.
Indeed, but there was also one left in the back stage.

I probably stole that one the last day.
Understandable. My eSATA docking station's power adapter looks virtually identical, too.