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May 24, 2008
PND here

Games here (of course).

Sound doesn't work, but it doesn't work on my desktop either. Or I was unlucky enough to try a bunch of games which don't have sound for some reason, I dunno.

It can load .exe, .linux, .dat, probably all the other formats. If you download a .ged package, first you need to export it to one of the binary formats, then it'll run.

Of note, this is a little slow. Most games are noticeably slow, even overclocked, but a few I tried ran reasonably well. There may be an obvious bottleneck to get around. Also, controls are whatever the game says they are. If WASD are your movement keys, that's what you use. Looks like a few games have control settings, so those'll let you reconfigure for the Pandora's keypad, but most of them seem to just assume you've got a normal keyboard and go with that. Sorry, not much can be done in that regards at the moment. Also also, most games run in a window, because that's how they were designed. I don't know if there's an easy way to change that or not.

Please test. Make suggestions, I'll see what I can do.
I built it with the openembedded cross compiler given the -fsigned-char option. Without, it would go into an infinite loop trying to read a game file. Other than that, there was no problem.

I've tried a bunch of different compiler options since then to try and coax a few more frames out, but it doesn't seem to be cooperating.

Building with Code Sourcery, now that is a challenge. So many compiler errors for some reason, all revolving around X11 and Xext libraries.

How were you compiling? Try the exact same way but with the -fsigned-char option as I said, see if that fixes it.
This is exciting - I'd love to hear about some of the better games in there, if folks get them running maybe some little mini-reviews in the followup?
Updated the PND to include both the stand alone engine and the editor. The editor only allows you to export regular dat files; the other options (Windows, Linux, GP2X, etc...) exist but don't seem to do anything, but otherwise it seems to work good.

Now, give some feedback so I can deem this sufficiently functional that I can put it on the official sites and let's see what people can make :D
Can't wait to get my Pandora and try this. The other systems exports won't work unless you have the pre-compiled players in one of the folders.
This was really neat! Thanks for the hard work.

Tried a bunch of games, yeah, the resolutions and controls are all random :) (I wonder if you could use the hacked sdl version with the hardware scaling, force fullscreen and scaling for all these games).

Speed wise, it was ok, but no sound for anything (I checked that some games did have wav files in their source).

My favorite game that worked was Tower Defense:

If I double clicked the titlebar, it would fullscreen, then I could hit the play button and start round button.

The game was purely touchscreen so worked well.

I think others would be more excited if you made a "game" package containing one game tweaked out well for the pandora, and released that, and keep the engine/editor in beta working out the last few kinks, while the community is excited knowing what it can do from the showcase game.
I used the editor on OpenPandora, and was able to make a few of the games fullscreen and the right resolution, really easy with the editor, thanks.

Lots of interesting games, but only a few really neat ones.